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Search Engine Optimization

  • When I edit the Web Site pages such as Home, Contact Us and About Us, one of the properties is Search Engine Optimization.  Should I expect this to be working at this time?  Should I be able to get hits in Bing if I search for the keywords that I entered?

    Just wondering?


  • David,

    The seo box will add keywords and a description to your source code and will be discovered by the search engines when they crawl your site which takes a few weeks. General seo rules of course apply: page content is more important than meta keywords.

  • Thanks Mch.  I'll keep looking for hit in Bing

  • Three weeks ago uinder MS Admin, I have added Keywords and Descriptions to the web pages.  I have also signed up for Google Webmaster tools and haved added the TXT record to my DNS entry suggested to confirm ownership of the site, but Google cannot find my public website.  I also  note that I cannot add my SiteMap to Google because Microsoft does not support the Sitemap namespace xmlns="".

    Is there anyone at Microsoft that is assigned or cares about ensuring that it's Office 365 website product is able to be found by the major Search Engines?   Is there anyone who can provide advice that really works in getting my site found by Google, Bing, Yahoo?

  • Pete,

    Verification isn't related to finding your site. They'll find it anyway, usually in 4-6 weeks. Keywords and descriptions won't do much either My public site was found and indexed within that time frame.  

    You probably won't see it if you search by keyword unless you dig way down in the results. Enter "" to see what's been indexed.

    Sitemaps are unnecessary but doable using an old OLSB hack. Go here to find out how: 

  • Hi David,

    Not sure if i understood correctly but if you looking to improve search with Bing you can do it via WebMaster -

    1. Go to Bing Webmasters Tools page:

    2. Sign in Webmasters Tools using a Windows Live ID. If you don’t have a Windows Live ID, please go to to create one.

    3. On the Home page, click Add site. Follow the wizard.

    P.S. Don't know what need to be done to get it working with Google :)



  • Kon,

    As noted above, verification with Bing or any search engine has no effect on search results.  

  • your sitemap is allready made in new public faceing website, address is, Bing will autodetect, Google you just need to type it in.