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search engines finding my old olsb website thats not there anymore

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I transferred my website from olsb over to 365 and google and bing are only finding my old olsb site when i type "rough house charters" into a search engine. If you click on any link other than my home page you get a 404 file not found error because the old olsb site doesn't exist anymore.   Now if you type in into google all but the homepage is 404 file not found.  My old site was and my new one is with the added "pages" in the address for the other pages on my website.

If you type in then all my new 365 pages show up, So i know that google has found my new site.  My problem is how do i get google to stop finding my old olsb site?  I want it when you type in Rough House Charters into google or bing,  that it will point to my new 365 site.  I have re-verified google and bing with the www. added.

If i sign into office live and try and go into my website i get the 404 file not found error.  But if i hit the view site icon it directs my to my new 365 page.  What can i do guys?

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  • The best answer you're going to find is already in the previous posts. Did you read them?
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  • As you know the problem is the 365 pages are in a directory named "pages" so your urls have all changed. The only reason the home page still works is because MSFT defined domain/pages/default.aspx as the page to get returned when just your domain is entered in a browser. 

    I did come up with a fix but it's a bit convoluted. Basically you need to add a new file with the same names as your old pages for each of your pages to the root of your 365 site. In each file you only add a redirect code to the NEW page. So if an old page shows up in a search result, instead of getting a 404, the new file you added will get returned and redirect the viewer straight to your new page.

    Example:enter this and it takes you to ...../pages/default.aspx

    Now you can't add these files through the 365 interface because the root of the site isn't accessible. So you have to either open the site in Windows Explorer or Sharepoint Designer. There's a lot more info about this in my forum. Ask a question there if you need more guidance. 

  • Hi,


    This is Tim with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support.


    While the information that you find in the forums that mch has posted might help you. You will want to keep in mind that this is a custom solution and you can run the risk of your site going down completely because of it. If this would happen, the only fix would be to have everything re-provisioned and you would have to rebuild everything. In time, the search engines will crawl your site and will start to list the correct information for your website.



    Tim Muth

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • Tim,

    Could you clarify what about this technique is "unsupported"? Uploading aspx files to your 365 account?

    You're not changing anything in the public site files, so I think it's pretty safe. If there is a problem just delete what you uploaded.  The greater risk I think is your domain getting penalized by the search engines for every 404 error your now inaccurate backlinks will trigger. Not to mention turning off site visitors who will probably never visit your site again. Recovering from both of those is a significant liability.

    And since no "supported" solution has been made available, it's up to each site owner to evaluate what's best for them.

  • I would REALLY like to see an answer to this question regarding not losing search engine visibility after transferring over to 365.  Start over???  That would be a real pain, not to mention some time.

  • The best answer you're going to find is already in the previous posts. Did you read them?
  • I've read them all (checked out your blog as well).  I'm so irritated by this.  So far, the transfer has been one enormous headache after the other.  I'm nervous about doing your suggestion (frankly, don't even understand how to go about doing what you suggest).  I want my new website to eventually make it's way to the top of the search engines again, but also don't want to have those broken links from OLSB on the first page of search engines either.  I'd really like to talk to someone about this directly.  I looked at your blog (with all the screen shots), and am still confused.