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access is denied - cannot log into sharepoint

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each time I try and log into sharepoint, I receive the following error:

Error: Access Denied

 Current User
You are currently signed in as:


My sharepoint license is certianly associated to my admin account, and I have no issue with Exchange or Lync server using the same login credentials.


I do not have any other user I can log in with which has a license assocaited to it.


Any advice will be greatly received.




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  • Hello RB

    Is this your first time setting up? If not, have you ever been able to log into sharepoint?

    if this is your first time, you need to add your account your using to the primary site collection administrators first. When you log into the Microsoft portal, you need to click on "manage" in the middle of the page, under "sharepoint" and then click on Manage SIte collections, then put a check mark in the box next to the site collection your trying to edit, and then at the top, click on "Owners", then add your account to the admin list.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply. To confirm, this is the very first time setting up.

    If it helps to troubleshoot, I am using my own private domain, and all DNS has been delegated to microsoft online. One caveat- I am hosting the A record for my existing website which is external to 365.

    To confirm that we are on the same page (literally!) can you confirm by portal that you mean: ?

    The only links to Sharepoint I can see are:

    Team sites and documents

    Manage your team sites and document libraries with SharePoint Online.

    Manage team sites   |  Change permissions   |  Add sites and templates


    Design and edit your public-facing website.

    Edit website

    Maybe I am looking in the wrong place. Each of these links takes me to the same error message. To confirm, I am using the small business version.

    I hope this works as way of explanation...


  • Well, you cannot have your DNS at two locations, so, where ever your DNS is hosted at (where your NS(name servers) point to, that is where your DNS is hosted and all your records must be setup.

    As for your portal, yes that is the place I'm talking about.

    So, when you log into the portal, do you see "Admin" at the top center? When you click on Admin, then on the "Admin Overview" page, do you see "Manage" under sharepoint Online? If so, do you see the place i was talking about?

    What plan are you on? This could be an issue as to why you see something different

  • Not a DNS problem - really. What I meant is that domain registrar points to:

    Name Servers:

    I have an additional A record which points my domain back to my domain.

    i have put a screenshot of the admin interface I see at:

  • Hello _rbewley,

    In every account there are 2 sets of permissions.

    1. Microsoft Office Portal permissions

    2. SharePoint Online permissions

    In a P1 and Enterprise accounts, you will need to have your site collection administrator add the accounts to the site collection.

    1. Navigate to your site collection settings

        a. P1

        b. Enterprise

    2. Click “People and groups” under “Users and Permissions”

    3. Click “New”

    4. Click “Add User”

    5. Add the user, and click “OK”

    From your screenshots, it appears you have a P1 account.  The steps AppRiver_DPetree has suggested is to add a site collection administrator to an Enterprise account.

    For a P1 account, if you have deleted the only site collection administrator there is currently no way to set an account as a Site Collection Administrator.  If you have P1 account, and you have deleted your only site collection administrator, please let me know, and we will need to start the process of creating a Service Request to get this issue resolved.

    Aaron Determan

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online Support

  • Hi Aaron,

     You are correct - I do have a P1 account with a single license.

     I followed the link you advised for a P1 account, was redirected to the following page: 

    and saw exactly the same error.

     I have never knowingly created or deleted a Site Collection Administration. Whatever I do, or wherever I go within Sharepoint: i.e.:



    I get exactly the same result:


    so, unless I am being incredibly dense and failing to unerstand the very well-received advice, could a service request be raised to assist furhter as I do not have any where to go from here without.

    many thanks


  • Hi, would it be possible for someone @ MS Office 365 raise a service request and look into this furhter?

    I have not ben able to log into sharepoint since signing up to Office 365 over 6 days ago.



  • Hi,


    I have sent you a private message to you that has all the information that you will need to create the service request.




    Tim Muth

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support

  • The obvious question hasn't been asked: is the address in the access denied message the owner/admin id address?
  • Hi mch,

    yes, it is.