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HTTPS SharePoint

  • Yep, have to see I was shocked when I got into Beta and found this. I have absolutely zero interest in a service that isn't encrypted - is this the intention for release or just due to the beta stage we're at?

  • My newer E3 account is all https (except public bits). 

    My P1 set up in November is all http. This makes no sense to me. Even OLSB gave you the option of enforcing ssl for the Sharepoint areas. Another feature that's been disabled for no good reason.

  • let’s hope this is not the intention, simply madness doesn’t come close. We need more people to register their thoughts on this thread though, the more ppl register their discontent with a sub std service and maybe they will start to look at a solution.

    we can only hope this was a mistake by a PM who really didn’t think this through very well.

  • Well I am going to post my concern again here and then in as many forum threads as I can.  I was planning on recommending Office365 small business to several customers and potential customers.  I cannot now.  Unencrypted transfer of proprietary business documents and information?  Please Microsoft, rethink this "strategy".
  • I figured I would add to this post after I discovered that the "My Site" associated with Office365 Small Business does use HTTPS so maybe Microsoft intends for the SharePoint team site to be HTTPS but just hasn't figured it out yet.  Of course the My Site is a different host name of


    It would sure be nice to hear from someone at Microsoft on this issue.

  • @JimStrive Sorry if this is an obvious question but I'm new to Office 365, but what is the 'My Site' and where do you get at it?  I can't seem to get any part of sharepoint to use https so I'm interested to know exactly which part you have which does work.


  • Hello

    all communication between a client and Office 365 services (Exchange, SharePoint or Lync) are encrypted

    It is possible to enter an HTTP URL for reaching Office 365 services, this will be automatically redirected to HTTPS communication

    You can check the following list which provides TCP communication ports used by Office 365 services

  • Hello Benoit,

    That's not the case for P1 plans though is it because as people have been discussing here https is only used for sign in for sharepoint and then returns to unencrypted mode for general use of the sharepoint site, or am I missing something?

  • no you are not missing any thing there, Benoit is missing the point clearly.

    how ever it is only sharepoint that is unencrypted, Exchange and Lync still use SSL and TLS services from what I can see.

  • Thanks Mark..  I knew the others are encrypted, I really wish someone from Microsoft would comment on this...

  • For me too the missing SSL is the showstopper!

  • Some feedback I have received today from Microsoft UK on this topic, as a result of a question I put during a webcast yeaterday. I have to give the UK guys credit for taking the subject up and coming straight back to me. No date, but at least it shows MS have reviewed the design decision and are going in the direction:

    I spoke to the product team overnight, and you’re absolutely right – we don’t use HTTPS for the Office 365 Small Business Plan.  We made this decision for simplicity and usability. In SharePoint Online for small business, there is user name & password protection security for intranet level team site(s) (the sign in process does use HTTPS). Per the early feedback we are receiving, Microsoft is in design planning to bring https:// to the SharePoint Online for small business offering in a future update.

  • Thanks for the post Roger, that usre is good news and lets hope its not going to be too long before they roll out this change.

  • +1 for https on sharepoint for small business.

  • Excellent news. Fact that such a mistake was made is a bit frightening though.