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Good articles to SharePoint Online FAQ

  • Hi

    I would like to translate some Office 365 articles for Russian Community and create FAQ.

    Give me links to famous articales about SharePoint Online development, pls.

    I need articles like "hello world" with examples for typical tasks.

  • Hi Vladimir,

    I hope the following information about SharePoint Online development is helpful:

    SharePoint Online Developer Resource Center

    SharePoint Online: An Overview for Developers

    SharePoint Online for Office 365: Developer Guide

    Mindy Pan


  • Hi Vladimir,

    How is everything going? Do you need any other assistance?

    Mindy Pan
  • Hi Mindy,

    Now I'm work under another critical problem. Russian Community tell me about critical problem with Office 365 tarffis.

    Office 365 sell in Russia through "partners" with strange prices.

    Plan P available in Russia for $12/month and only for individual customers (ordial SMB customers are blocked).

    E1 available in Russia for $70/month.

    Customers are moving to Google Apps with normal prices ($5/month in Russia). I see in Alexa as traffic moved from O365 to Google sites.

    I'm trying to discuss this problem in Russian Sub. However without success.

    Some Russian customers pay to Microsoft USA directly, but "partners" don't agree with it.

    I think we can lost Russian market for Office 365 by this price problem.

    Can you help me and Russian Communitiy in resolving this problem?

    BTW. IDC prognosis for Russian Cloud market is about $1,2 bln

    «The Russian market for cloud services (public and private) in 2010 amounted to 35.08 million U.S. dollars. This market is currently small, but its expected growth rates should substantially exceed the corresponding figures for the entire market of IT services in 2011-2015. Projected to IDC, by the end of 2015 the Russian market for cloud services will exceed $ 1.2 billion, showing a CAGR of over 100%»

    If we cannot resolve problem with prices then Google will take away 75% of this money.

    Moreover Google can destroy O365 ecosystem in Russia by price pressure. For $30/month Google's partners offers vertical solutions.

    With $70/month for platform only no chances for O365 partners in Russia....

  • Problem fixed completely. Office 365 available in Russia with official Microsoft prices/tariffs.

    Special thanks to Nikolay Pryanishnikov (head of Microsoft Rus) for assistance.