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How do I publish a Sharepoint online list and calendar to a MS Office 365 public website?

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I want to publish my MS Office 365 Sharepoint online lists and calendar to the MS Office 365 public website . How do I this? In MS Office Live Small Business, this was easy. I miss that feature so badly. Same request for blog, forum and wiki.


Good job with improving the community website. I wish we could do the same in MS Office 365.


Thanks for your help


Toon Six

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  • Hi  

       The first thing to check would be to see if you can create a Calendar list in your site.  You can't display a calendar in a SharePoint web part until you've created a SharePoint list using the Calendar list template to store your calendar data in.  To create the list:

    1. From the Site Actions link on your site's home page, select the View All Site Content option in the menu
    2. In the View All Content page, click the Create button above the content currently in your site to create a new list.
    3. In the Create page, click the Calendar link in the Tracking section.
    4. At a minimum, enter a name for your calendar and click the Create button.
    5. When you return to your main page and go through the process to add a web part to the page, you should see a web part for your calendar listed in the Lists and Libraries section of the Add Web Parts dialog window. 

    If you have already tried this and don't see the calendar in your list of web parts or don't see the Calendar list template in the Create page, check your Site Features and Site Collection Features settings for your site and its parent site collection.  You may need to enable the Office SharePoint Server Standard Site features Feature, Office SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection features Feature, or the Team Collaboration Lists Feature in order to make the Calendar list available in your publishing site.






  • Hi Rock:

    I did see the calendar in the List and Libraries of the team site. But I could not find the Office SharePoint Server Standard Site features Feature anywhere. I went to site collection features and to Manage sited for team site but, could not find it. So, I can not publish it for viewing in the public website.

    I have the same issue with the Web Contact Database. I want to edit it in the teamsite, and publish it for just viewing in the public website. How do I do it.?

    Thanks for your help.

    Toon Six

  • I think what's missing is the "publish" aspect of OLSB which was done either with the publish link in the application or via one of the modules (list publisher/form designer). The publish link should be added to the list tool ribbon and  a "gadget" showing the list's xml/xsl added to the public site page editor ribbon.

    Here's what's in a P1 account under Site Collection Administration Features

    Name   Status

    Custom Site Collection Help

    Creates a Help library that can be used to store custom help for this site collection.

    External user invitations

    Allow external users to be invited to the site.


    Office Web Apps

    Enables viewing and editing scenarios using the Office Web Apps


    Open Documents in Client Applications by Default

    Configures links to documents so they open in client applications instead of Web applications, by default.

    Search Server Web Parts

    This feature uploads all web parts required for Search Center.

    Three-state workflow

    Use this workflow to track items in a list.

  • I am having the same issue with my Office365 account as i am unable to publish Sharepoint lists to my public website. Is this feature no longer avialable? With Office Live Small Business the Module menu had a "List Publisher" and it seems a similar feature is not avialable with Office 365?? How are business lists and database lookups to be performed by customers via the public facing website?