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Hello Microsoft - when will I be able to view a PDF file ???

  • Hello Microsoft - when will I be able to view a PDF file  without first downloading it ???
  • Great Question!


    Except, I've never seen MS answer a 'when', never. 


    It's been hard enough to get a clear answer to 'why can't I'?


    PDF Solution: Here's How to Display in the Browser




  • Hi,

    Thanks for everyone’s information provided on the issue.

    Josh, thanks for your sharing the solution on how the display a PDF file in the browser. We highly appreciate your time and efforts on the issue.

    Josh and Ihouseman, we haven’t received update information about the PDF solution currently. Once there is any updated information about the feature, we will publish it in the forum.

    Best regards,

  • This issue is just ridicoulous!!!!

    When will you allow other filetypes than MS only???

    You can't just declare that PDF and Autocad files is unsafe!!!

  • Technically you can't open an Excel or Word file in the browser either except through a viewer that queries the underlying file. All that's needed for pdfs is a viewer (like the one Google uses..........)
  • On a "on premise" sharepoint foundation or server, it is easy to switch a simple parameter in the central administration = "strict->permissive" access to documents, and add the following line in the config file

    in /14/XML/DOCICON.XML :

    • —Dans le nœud <byExtension>
      —<Mapping Key="pdf" Value="pdf.gif"  OpenControl="SharePoint.ViewDocuments"/>


    Everybody needs that, why Microsoft keeps punishing us by disabling that option in O365 ?

  • JFF,

    The answer is that Microsoft does not want to open up that ability so that I don't get punished for your PDF. If a PDF infects your server at your company it is your probelm, if a PDF infects an Office 365 server it becomes the problem of a lot of people, hence it is off untill Adobe finds a fix. If they had a decent FAQ page on here these issues would not be taking space 6 months later, Microsoft did explain this once months ago.

  • @Robert,

    MS did not explain why they have not provided a secure PDF viewer such as the one they already have on and like the competition google apps has.

    Regardless of the fact that they may have illuded to (without identifying specifically) some type of security risk, the lack of a secure viewer is reason enough for this issue to continue on these forums.

    Have a nice day!


  • Hello JFF,

    First, thanks for the information Robert provided.

    I fully understand your concern about viewing PDF files in browser.
    If you need further assistance about the issue, I sincerely suggest posting it in a new thread in the forum. This is so you will get the support on the issue quickly.

    Thanks for understanding,

  • This is just caos by Microsoft and the Office 365 support team.
    If you are opening a document library in Explorer view/mode - The PDF will open stright ahead.
    BUT that is not a solution for 2.000 clients!

    So, we are looking at some strange information from MS and the Office 365 team here.
    PDF, Autocad and all other filetypes are declared unsafe - BUT can be opened in Explorer mode.
    This declares totaly caos by MS and the OFFICE 365 team!

    I'm very corious now!

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  • Hello,

    I fully understand that the inconvenience the issue caused.

    Actually, PDFs and other types of files can potentially run scripts against sites. To prevent this security threat, viewing PDF files in browser directly is not available currently.

    If you need further assistance on the issue, I sincerely suggest post a new thread about it in the SharePoint section of the forum. This is so your question will be answered quickly.

    Thanks for understanding,

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  • Other MSFT services like SKYDRIVE work around any shared server security risks by using a viewer, so we all know the  security problem is not the real issue. I can open a pdf stored at SkyDrive in the browser, so why not adapt that viewer to work in 365? Or should we just stick with SkyDrive till this is resolved in 365?

    Pdf stored at SkyDrive opens in browser 

  • Hi Mch,

    Thanks for your update.
    Currently, this feature that viewing a PDF file in SharePoint site directly is unavailable. SkyDrive and Office 365 are different Microsoft Online service, and in some aspects Office 365 needs higher security for all enterprise users.
    However, we appreciate submit your feedback about the concern. With many users’ continuing cooperation and help, we are able to improve the service better.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Grace Shi

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  • Halleluja - The Office 365 team have delivered the goodies!!!!!!!!!

    I can open PDF's directly.


    With sugar on top - THANK YOU!!!!!  :-)

  • I don't think so - same as it ever was here.