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Hello Microsoft - when will I be able to view a PDF file ???

  • It now works.

  • After more than a year of waiting for this "fix", it would be nice if MSFT would comment on what the fix actually is and what we should expect to see. As far as I know you could always "open/save" in competent browsers but only download in IE.  The su was supposed to be rolled out by May but how would we know if we've been updated? Requiring Adobe X is ludicrous by the way.
  • Hi again Jim


    Negative on the Acrobat X!
    I have tested this and it's the same if it's Acrobat X reader or Acrobat 9.

    I'm using Internet Explorer 8 with Acobat X and can open pdf's without any aditional scripting.


    Just installed Acrobat X on Win7 Pro with IE9 on a test machine - Cant open pdf's directly :-(


    MCH: Yes you are right about other browsers - It's a showstopper when you have to ask users to lower SharePoint functionality with FireFox, but at least they can open pdf's - Which is of the outmost importance.



  • Does it Work for you Wavemaster00?

    What do you mean??

  • Let's sum up:


    Jim: Can you open pdf's directly in IE 8 or 9?

    Mch: Have you been sucessfull in this?


    I can open pdf's directly but I'm on a highly beefed up Windows 7 Pro, Office 2010, IE 8, Acrobat X - And then the mystery node: WITH SHAREPOINT 2010 SERVER ENTERPRISE INSTALLED ON WIN7 PRO.

    But I'm accessing Office 365 via internet.



  • It works.

    I click on a pdf,, opens up in the browser.

    Make sure you are not using a this new fangled 64-bit browser that has been around for 3 years. That new technology stuff is not ready yet for advanced tasks such as opening a pdf in a browser. :)

    I am using IE9.

  • Hi Wavemaster

    I'm using IE 8 32 bit browser, and I have stayed away from the 64 bit browsers.

    But how can it be that you and I are the only ones in the world who can open pdf's directly???


    ...and all my test machines are on 32 bit IE9 or 8

  • I agree a full explanation from MS of what behavior should be expected with the fix would be helpfull.  I've been pretty silent waiting for my sites to get 'the fix'  While most of my orgs are not seeing any updates I do have one that has the Update completed.  Jim described the new behavior pretty well.

    When you click the link, the PDF file opens in Adobe X on the local machine.  (After a long wait to load a bloated local reader and complately download the file.)  Adobe asks whether you want to check out & edit or just open (even if check out is not required on the doc lib.)  This assumes you have Adobe 10.1.2 other wise nothing changes.

    The 'fix' leaves a lot to be desired if you ask me.  I think I'll stick with opening in fast in the browser using js.  not sure how that works for users who edit pdfs in the browser as Jim said.  Jim, have you tried this solution?

  • mch, the olny way to know if you've been updated that I'm aware of is the presence of a recycle bin icon on the sharepoint site collections admin page for E level accounts.  If you're P1, tough luck there's no way to know the status of SU on your org.

  • Wavemaster: Do you have a locally installed SharePoint server on your machine??

  • This machine is a client attached to an SBS2008 domain. I have a member server running OSS2007, for those Sharepoint applications that Microsoft has deemed to be not worth their time to provide upward compatibility.

    From this client I am logged into to my Office 365 Sharepoint site.  I have a test site there with a few pdf's in a list.

    Hope that answers your question.

  • smilward,

    Everyone with the SU2 installed on their farm and adobe 10.1.2 installed locally has the same behavior as you.  Your farm was one of the earlier ones to get the update judging by the fact that you reported the behavior before feb announcement that SU2 would see PDF changes.



  • Jbooker

    Don't quite get what you meen here?

    Can you explain further?

    What you are saying is that I'm having SharePoint 2010 server is the reason why I can open pdf's on Office 365?

  • Josh,

    I heard about the recycle bin trick but it sounded too much like a "voodoo" scenario (even for MSFT) but I have an E account so now I'll check. 

  • smilward,

    The ability to open PDF files as you describe is a result of Service Update 2 which began rolling out worldwide in late February.  Some Sharepoint Online Farms have the update completed and some do not.  The behavior you are experiencing is a result of your farm having the update.  In addition, Adobe 10.1.2 is required which explains why yours is working on some client machines an not others.  It has nothing to do with SP2010 being installed locally.

    You reported this behavior in late feb even before MS announced it would be 'fixing' PDFs in the update as some of us suspected they would.  This leads me to believe the Office365 farm that you are on got the update earlier than most.

    I hope that answers your questions.  


    would be nice if there was a version number some where in admin pages so we can explain to customers with some certainty why the behavior is different than another org.  I understand it takes time to roll these out, but I got the ' your org will be updated in next 24-48 hours notice' 4 weeks ago and still no update!

     The top complaint in forums is why can't I open in the browser?  MSFT hears:  "Office 365 users wanted a better, more connected and governed experience when it came to working with PDF files within SharePoint Online document libraries.".  What?!  So they wait for adobe to modify their software to govern our experience some more.  all we want is to open PDFs fast in the browser.

    The PDF story is still as sad as ever.