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Website Publishing - Public Website publishing in Office 365 Plan P1

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I am interested in using the public website facility. I understand that you can use your own registered domain name for the site eg and host other email addresses eg from the office 365 site, and still use the original email address eg Please correct me if I am wrong.

My main problem is this: I did a simple test edit of the assigned proforma public website under its original name: I can view this on my computer, but if I try to acces the websiite from my windows phone 7 browser I get an error message:

"Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server...

DNS lookup failure for"

I also could not access this supposedly public website from a different computer.

I am on the Office 365 trial. I would like to test access to the website before I input all the info.

Am I missing something? Do I have to wait a certain lengh of time before the site is actually online? Is it functional in the trial verion? I would be interested if anyone has a answer, and also if anyone can share their experience of using office 365 to host a simple business website.


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  • Hello Curious,

    To narrow down the issue, I would like confirm some information with you first:
    1. The URL of your public-facing website is or
    2. Can you access public website with the URL: successfully?

    In addition, would you please try to access website with the following URL by your Windows Phone 7 again?

    Grace Shi

  • 1. The x's in the URL do not literally indicate my domain! It i just that II did not particularly want to indicate my site name before it was completed.

    2. Adding ?Mobile=0 does makes a difference; ie I can access the site. However, there would need to be an explicit mechanism for making sure that clients or colleagues would be directed to to the public site without having to enter a different URL, if they happen to use their smartphones. If I use the usual URL on the mobile phone, I am directed to the Office Login site. This is unsatisfactory.

    I have since looked at some other posts in this forum and I see there has been an issue with mobile phone access for months.

    I would like to have this issue attended to as soon as possible. Clients and colleagues need to be able to access the site from desktop or phone using the one URL. Please advise how this can be achieved.


  • Hi Curious,

    Sorry for the unclear question.
    In Office 365, if we have changed the public-facing website to our own domain, the URL of website will be http://, for example, (xxxx means our own domain). Otherwise, the URL will be, for example, Both the two scenarios will not have the URL of, so I confirm the information with you in my first reply. Would you check it and let me know the status of your website?

    The feature "Access SharePoint team site with a mobile device" is available; Microsoft has tested the availability before releasing this Microsoft Online service. We also suggest some users try to access with the URL (append the ?Mobile=0 to the end of the URL), that is available to access SharePoint normal team site with Mobile device. Either way, the connectivity will be different between mobile device, some users still can't access team site with their phones.

    We have received customers' feedback regarding this issue. Our SharePoint team is working to fix it, and it is in the plans to be addressed with an Office 365 service update.
    It is also highly appreciated to submit a feedback about you concern with the following link:
    This is so we expect the behavior can be improved as soon as possible.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Grace Shi

  • Hi Curious,

    How are things going on your side? Is there any more assistance needed here?

    Grace Shi

  • The problem with the public facing website (and I refer to the one with the default URL allocated when signing up to Office 365 - I have not changed it to my domain; I wanted to test out how the site works before bring over my own domain) is that it is not accessible with a windows wp7 phone. One is directed to the Office 365 Log in page.  This is entirely unsatisfactory as access by smartphone is a basic commercial requirement. provides a third party solution, apparently. I have installed his fix and it does seems to fix the problem. Adrian Fiechter should be on the Microsoft payroll, as he seems to have fixed a big hole in the configuration on the public facing website.

    In other words the problem seems to have been attended to by a third party.