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Search bar on top navigation

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When I created my first Site Collection it came with the Search tab (next to Home) on the Top navigation panel. I wanted to remove it as I only wanted other tabs and tried deleting the site. I now see that it doesn't dissapear (as other sites do when you delete them).

I now have the Search bar on all my site collections and sites but the link is broken and I cannot delete it. I try to go to FAST Search options on the Site Administration and an error appears with this Correlation ID: dea28b15-d5d1-4cc4-b221-f69d58573f0e

Does anyone know what is going on here?
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  • Hello,

    The core problem lies in deleting the first Site Collection -- this is actually used as a link to the rest of O365 deleting the site generally prevents further access to ALL of SharePoint Online.

    Keeping this mind, I would recommend contacting support directly, and creating a Service Request, so that the SharePoint Online team can look into correcting the problems you're experencing now.  



  • Hi,

    Please follow the following steps to delete the Search tab.
    1, Click Site Actions -> Site Settings.
    2, Click Top Link Bar under the Look and Feel category.
    3, Click image button as below to edit the search tab.

    4, Click Delete.

    After this change, search tab will no longer exist on the top link bar.