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custom site columns missing from gallery

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Yesterday it appeared that my custom site columns suddenly disappeared form the site column gallery.

The columns still exist in the libraries and lists.

How to recover/find these disappered custom site columns and restore them?

Anyone experienced this yet?

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  • Hi,

    You can try the following steps:

    1. Go to Team Site>Site Actions>Site Settings. Click Site Columns under Galleries
    2. In the Show Group box, make sure All Groups is selected.

    If it doesn’t work, please open SharePoint Designer and check whether the custom columns are shown or not.


  • Hi Maylan, I have checked both, but they are completely missing!

  • Hello Smarty,

    According to the description you provided, this issue may be caused by a unconscious delete action in gallery, and there is no appreciate approach to recover it now.

    However, deleting the column in gallery won’t have an effect on libraries and lists which have added the custom column. You may try to re-create it in gallery again.

    Grace Shi

  • Hi Grace, I don't think that is the case because ALL of my 30 custom columns have disappered. I cannot think of any unconcious action that could have been.

    If it is I would be more than willing to learn what you have in mind of an unconcious action.

    In my idea you can only remove one column at the time and only via the delete option for that specific column. But all of them are missing



  • Hi Smarty,

    Based on the information you provided, there might be different causes for this issue. I noticed that we might need to check the specific configuration on your side during the continue troubleshooting. You may need to provide other personal information about the issue in the future. As a result, we would need to continue the troubleshooting directly to avoid publishing some personal information, such as the customer’s Service Request number and domain information.

    Your post was responded in a private message with a subject of "Submit a service request". Please check it on the community side.

    You can reply by using the form in that private message.


  • Hello Smarty,

    I am interested in this issue. Would you mind letting me know is the problem resolved?

    If you need additional assistance, feel free to let me know. I will be more than happy to be of assistance.

    Have a great day!

    Grace Shi

  • Currently it has become an issue that I did not manage tor reproduce, but it happened for the second time as I experienced later.

    Today Microsoft is picking this up with us.

    Will keep you posted.

  • Hello Smarty,

    How are the things going? Do you have any other questions?

    Grace Shi

  • Aren't deletions supposed to go in the recycle bin? Have you looked there?
  • Only items (list items, library items, etc.) go to the recycle bin, columns don't

  • Help, I managed to experience the same in SharePoint 2010 on premise. Overnight all the site columns are gone, including the standard site columns.

    Is there anyone that can help?

  • Is it possible that the status of the site columns changed into read only in both cases? If so, how can that be set to the standard edit situation?

  • Exactly the same thing has happened me!

    ALL site columns have disappeared from the gallery!

    (They still exist at list-level).

    Was a solution ever found to this?

  • Hello there is still no solution ye,t I would advise you to create an issue explaining the case and if you have an idea what and when it was happining it would be very helpfull. You could refer to the issues I have sent earlier to connect with them . These where the issue nrs.SRX1160518469ID (1809-2011) and SRX1169062707ID from 9/1/2012. Can You update me in this platform?

  • had you check and verify about it being a read only. Here is the link to make it visble ;