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Charity pricing - Update

  • There seems to have been a development in Office365 management of Charity pricing but still recommended that you have an Online Services Partner do the admin/communication with Microsoft/Regional Partner Manager:

    1. Charity must choose plan first but remember there are only certain plans* that qualify.

    2. Plans must be for a minimum of 25 users with possibly up to a 60 percent discount. (So E3 plan with 25 users with Charity discount would cost about the same as 10 users at retail.)

    3. The Charity has to qualify as a Charity with Microsoft.

    4. Discounts will be applied either after the first or second subscription payment.

    5. All pricing is subject to an increase at any time or even a plan's content can change at any time.


    * See below                             Retail


    Exchange Online Kiosk $2.00
    Office 365 Plan K1 $4.00
    Office 365 Plan K2 $10.00
    Exchange Plan 1 $5.00
    Exchange Plan 2 $10.00
    SharePoint Plan 1 $5.25
    SharePoint Plan 2 $10.25
    Lync Plan 1 $2.00
    Lync Plan 2 $6.50
    Office Pro Plus $12.00
    Office Web Apps w/SP Plan 1 $11.25
    Office Web Apps w/SP Plan 2 $16.25
    Office 365 Plan E1 $10.00
    Office 365 Plan E2 $16.00
    Office 365 Plan E3 $24.00
    Office 365 Plan E4 $27.00
    SharePoint Online Extra Storage $1.00
    Exchange Online Archiving $4.00
    Windows Intune



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  • Hello ahssdude,


    Thanks for the information about charity pricing. Official pricing information about Office 365 plans is available at:

  • Thank you.

  • Of the above ~20 plans, have you figured out which plans qualify for Charity Pricing?  Is there a subset to choose from?

  • They are the only ones available to Charities and subsequent pricing will reflect up to 60 percent off.

  • What about smaller charities who tend to have the smaller budgets! I would only need 1 user abd 3 email accounts. $6 a month over a year is still a lot for us to pay for web hosting and document/contact management.