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Office Professional Plus / 365 Home Premium

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I recently subscribed to Office Professional Plus at £12.70 a month thinking I was subscribing to the package where i can install it on 5 computers. There seems to be nothing in the 365 portal saying what it is installed on.

A friend now tells me he is using Office 365 Home Premium

at £7.99 a month and this does indeed say it can be installed on up to 5 machines. When he logs in he can see which machines it is on and can deactivate them.

Have I subscribed to the wrong thing?

I am happy to cancel the OPP one as it was done on a month to month basis but I have a further question.

I would want to install the 365 Home Premium on mine, my wifes and my kids pc's who all run Windows 8 and all have their own SkyDrive accounts linked to their windows 8 logins.

If i install this Office on their pc's will so I have to authenticate it with my microsoft account or will it insist on using theirs? if it uses theirs then I assume it wont authenticate.

I hope this is clear.

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  • Hi Richard,

    Each licensed user can install Office Professional Plus on up to 5 computers. For more detailed information, you can refer to Office Professional Plus FAQ.

    After you installed Office Professional Plus on a computer, you don't always need an internet connection to use the Office Professional Plus, but you have to go online at least once a month to make sure the subscription can be verified.

    For more information about Office Professional Plus, please refer to the following articles:
    Install Office Professional Plus with Office 365
    Installing and Deploying Office Professional Plus

    Since Office Pro Plus which is offered in Office 365 OSub is different from Office 365 Home Premium, I suggest you post Office 365 Home Premium related questions at here, so that the engineers there can offer you more detailed information.

    Vivian Wang

  • Hi Richard,

    While Office Pro Plus, gets you all the office programs, 5 installs,  and a commercial use license, the Home Premium does not. Home Premium is only 4 programs, and is licensed for non-commercial use only.

  • Hi Richard,

    Did the information above answer your question?
    @Robert, thanks for your information.

    Best Regards,
    Vivian Wang