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Unable to install Office 365. Says my computer does not meet minimum Requirements

  • I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, which Office 2010 PRO with ALL applicable updates for the OS, as well as the Office suite. Trying to get this tested as a proofe of concept for a client, and running into problem.

    All installed software is licensed and no betas installed

    Please Help!!!

  • Hello Joe,

    Please find below a link to the full requirements for the different portions of Office 365. In addtion, this page also covers what system/software configurations will not work. I hope this answers your question.

  • Hello Joe,

    The link that Stephanie left isn't working for me.  You may also try:

    You state that you already have 2010 Office Pro installed.  Are you also trying to install Office Professional Plus for Office 365?   Please give us a few more details on what exactly you are doing when you say you are trying to install Office 365.  

    Thank you,

    Todd Douglass - MSFT Support Engineer