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DNS issues? Melbourne IT

  • I believe I have set up my DNS correctly, following the instructions. I redelegated to microsoft after cancelling DNS at melbourne's site. I created a new user using the domain that i set up in office 365 and I changed my user to be associated with the domain. (ex. from to


     I can sign into both accounts using the usernames and send emails to my gmail account and they get there. When i reply a test message from the gmail account to the accounts, they never show up in the inboxes.


    I was also curious if there is a lag on the lync server once I have changed the users to the domain? as soon as i changed my primary user, the lync client on my computer (that was currently signed in using the username) came up with a screen for me to re-sign in. I changed the sign-in info to the new username and now it simply tells me that the server is temporarily unavailable.


    Please help. Sending email is important, but i need to be able to receive it as well.

  • Hi Jon,

    The NS records for currently appear to point to and  This is close, but there's actually no . between microsoft and online.  The records should read and  This is also likely the source of your issues with lync.  Once this is corrected, your DNS records will be hosted with Office 365 and the appropriate records to get your services (like e-mail and lync) working will be automatically created.

    Hope that helps,
    David Wong
    Office 365 Technical Support

  • Thank you for the quick response. I actually copy and pasted those addresses from Melbourne IT's website. Sorry for the error. another thing to note is that all Melbourne IT instructions are still using the cname verification process for adding your domain to O365. I believe this was the case in beta O365 but when I went through the process post-beta, the only verification options now are to use a txt or mx entry. I'm only telling you this because Microsoft seems to be well connected with Melbourne and they should get some updated instructions if O365 is going to refer people there way.

    I will make these changes and let you know how things go.

    Thanks again

  • Yes! That definitely fixed the email issues. Thanks.

    Lync however still gives me the server unavailable. One thing to note is that when logged into the outlook web app, in the bottom left, before I made these changes it also said the the service was not available. It now does not say that in the outlook web app but the desktop lync client is not working.

    Thanks for the help David

  • Hi Jon,

    Glad to hear that worked, and thanks for the info about Melbourne IT.  I wasn't actually aware they had posted instructions, we generally recommend you follow the process as described in the Online Portal.  Lync may still be waiting for the SRV records to propagate, keep us posted if you're still having problems.

    David Wong
    Office 365 Technical Support

  • I think you were right about the Lync still needing to propagate.

    All seems to working fine! Thanks for all the help.