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Cost for Adding Additional Exchange Only Accounts

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As noted in our previous post,


we are planning on adding 5, E4 accounts.  We would also like the ability to add another 5 unique email addresses (so 10 including the 5, E4 accounts) for individuals who will have just Exchange access, that's the only component these 5 employees will require.


I found in the FAQ section Q6 that basic e-mail starts from 2.34$ CAD per user per month, is this an Exchange account that we can add to our existing E4 package?


Also, contradicting this perhaps is when we go to the enterprise plans page,


and click on the estimate your costs link.  There is a stand-alone services section that includes a Microsoft Exchange Online Plan 1 for 5.75$ CAD.  Is this the same as the 2.34$ CAD e-mail account, if so why is the cost different, if not, how are the e-mail accounts different?


thx again guys,


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