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my first post so please excuse me if i've picked the wrong section of the forum. I've just newly switched over our email system to office365. great so far but i was wondering if there was a way to change what opens at login. Currently, it defaults to the home page but i'd prefer it if i could default it to take users to outlook first. Is this possible


Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Alan,

    I understand that you want to change the setting so that a user will direct to Outlook Web App(OWA) instead “Home” after the user login in.

    To do this, you can use the Outlook Web App URL as the login address, for details, please try the steps below:

    1. Login in OWA in Office 365, get your Exchange server address in the address bar in Web Browser (Like:
    2. Assume your Office 365 domain is
    3. Type the URL: in Web Browser and click enter.
    4. Enter your credential in the Web Browser, it will then direct you to Outlook Web App.
    5. Or if you already connected your Outlook desktop client to Office 365, you can easily find the link by click “File”-“Info”, the link is listed under the “Account Settings” Tab.

    Please feel free let me know if you have any concerns about this.

  • Hi Alan,

    How are things going? Did the above post answer your question?

    Please feel free to post your updates here when you have time.

  • Thanks for the reply. Not exactly what i was looking for but Im assuming that's the only way to do it then. That solution would work great if staff used a link to access the website but they type "" in a web browser themselves, which in turn takes them to the "home" page which seems a little silly since there is nothing on that page worth being directed to it. Never mind, we will manage!

  • Hi Alan,

    Thanks for your updates.

    Currently this is the only way to direct access to OWA(Outlook Web App). Please kindly provide your ideas to us by click "Feedback" in the Bottom-Corner of our community, your opinions will be highly appreciated. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Hi Alan,

    I'm writting to let you know that you can now use the following addresses to direct access to OWA(Outlook Web App) in Office 365:

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for that update. Its a really helpful addition to office365. I'm very happy with the improvements that are constantly being added to make it a better experience for users.