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Non-profit pricing

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Congrats on releasing O365.

I know of a small non-profit (less than 50 seats) that is looking into public cloud and I was wondering if we have any special pricing for non-profits.




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  • Hi

    Please contact you local office 365 partner who will facilitiate this request for you through their Microsoft representative.



  • Hello Mark,


    There are three available versions of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions: for midsize businesses and enterprise, for small business and for education.


    For more information about Office 365 Plans, please refer to the site below:

    For further billing or subscription questions, you may reach Toll-free phone support in your region:



    Grace Shi

  • There is no special pricing for non-profits yet.  If there was you'd be quoted or directed to the information.  I would strongly recommend NOT signing up until it is released and then compare with Google who have no issue giving you exact costs!  As a Cloud Partner with non-profit customers I find this situation intolerable!

  • You need to contact Microsoft directly to get this pricing. If you are a Microsoft partner then please contact your Partner Account manger and they will assist you.

    if you do not have a direct PAM contact then please contact your regional Support Centre and they will find you the support you need to get this pricing for your customer.



  • I have done this and have been contacted and I am told there might be an answer in two days or not.

  • one day to go .. I hope

  • Anything from Microsoft on this yet?

  • Still nothing and now late in promised response

  • Still nothing.  Guess we should presume there is none.  Makes Google Apps inviting.

  • ...and still nothing.  I have sent another email to partner support.

  • Might be quicker to give them a call about this, e-mails are not efficient all the time. :)

  • I have recieved a response.  The answer is not at this time.  "They" do anticipate that there may be reduced rates and maybe it will be based on what went on with BPOS where you signed up at full rates and then the rates were reduced either one month or two months later depending on when you signed up.  So those who must sign up now should plan on not getting a reduced subscription.  I now understand why, despite the business benefits that Office365 seems to have, Google Apps will continue to have a better appeal for non-profits.

  • I have received another response and this is far better news.  I am a Microsoft Online Services Reseller so if you are a genuine 501c3 Non Profit and you do not have a partner of record for online services handling your potential move to Office 365, please contact me by email or fax with your Charity documentation and contact information.  I shall then be in contact with you and provide you detials of how to proceed to garner discounted pricing. or fax 303-957-2885.  The Price Shopper, Inc. dba Affordable Housing Support Services.  Thank you.

  • And it gets better ... Now have a listing for who to contact for each region.  This should speed up your qualification for non-profit pricing without signing up first!  Woohoo!

  • Microsoft Partners can submit a request for charity pricing for Office 365 on behalf of their customers through their Microsoft representative.