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O365 Sharepoint - Service Pack or Version

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How can I tell what service pack or version I am running on?
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  • Hi RE Dan,

    Hi don't know the answer to your question as such.  However.....each Plan runs on s slightly different version, so it might be worth mentioning what Plan you are on.

  • Plan E3

  • Excellent, you will need to wait for MSFT tech to give details (if they can).  All I know that they are slighly custom Sharpoint Services platfoms.  If you are bored and want to pass time whilst you wait, full service descriptions can be downloaded from here;

  • Hi RE Dan ,

    Since Office 365 runs on a custom version, I don't see how the information will be of any value, its not like because it runs on the local with build number it should therefore run on O365.

  • Well, specifically, I can't open PDF files from my Sharepoint site without saving them first, which is annoying. I have read several blogs saying this has been fixed in Service Pack 2 but that it might not have been deployed yet.  As the technical administrative contact, I do not recall receiving any notification regarding this.

    So I would to be able to see what version I am running on or have an idea of when this issue will be fixed or if there is somethng I need to do...

    Thanks, Dan

  • Hi Richard, Robert,

    Thanks for your clarification with the customer.

    Hi Dan,

    Before moving on, I would like to clarify that we have announced that "You can now open PDF files directly in Adobe Reader – and the PDF file will remain connected to SharePoint Online. You can also edit and save your changes to SharePoint Online from the desktop. And further, you can now use versioning (check-in and check-out) with PDF files for better management and review."

    Please make sure that you have done the following steps to take advantage of this update:

    *Wait for the update to the SharePoint Online service, which is in progress now.

    *Upgrade Adobe Reader to the version 10.1.2 client.

    *Add your SharePoint Online root URL/domain to the Trusted Sites security zone in Internet Explorer1 (e.g.,

    *Check the Keep me signed in box when you log in to a SharePoint Online site.

    If you have taken the steps and still could not make it work, the SharePoint Online update is still currently being rolled out worldwide along with several other new features. You may wait for some time and see if it will work or not.

    Here are some links for your reference:

    Anna Guo

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  • Thanks for everyones feedback.  I have previously read all the blogs and releases regarding the updates, but they are from February 2012 and the indication was that they were rolling out then.  It is now July, almost August and I do not seem to have the updates or any indication of when they might happen.

    Even looking in Planned Maintenance section doesn't reveal their is anything related to this update.  Can you help with some time frames?



  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your reply.

    It is true that the releases for this update are from February 2012, however, this update may last for a rather long time and it may not have been finished.

    You may need to wait for a longer time for this feature to fully work.

    Anna Guo

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  • Really? I am sorry but a non-answer like "this update may last for a rather long time and may not have been finished" and "you may need to wait for a longer time..." is what is very frustrating.   It would have been better to not answer at all.  

    Can anyone provide anything more concrete or give me a projected date?  Surely, there is a road map...

  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I understand your concern about this feature and it is true that there is no exact date about when this feature would be available to use.

    If you waited for some time and the issue still could not be solved, I would suggest you post a new thread to check if there is any update about it.

    Please also pay attention to the service description which Richard mentioned for latest update.

    Anna Guo