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Setup Trouble

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Recently purchased Office 365 so that we could control our own website.  Had to suspend the setup to make changes in GoDaddy.  Afterward was able to set up and verify the Domain however cannot get to a spot in Office 365 were it lets me work on the website.  I think there are some things that were missed because of suspending the setup but I can't find how to get back into the initial setup.  Can anyone direct me?
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  • The first things to look at is what have you done already.  

    What Plan are you on?

    When you login to the portal, click om domains on the left meunu, what is the status of the custom domain? (Verified or Click here to verify)

  • Our plan is E1 and our domain status is verified.

  • In an E plan you have to create the public web site in admin>>manage Sharepoint Online. Did you do that yet?

    If so, what is the url you see when you mouseover the "web site" link in the top nav of the team site?

  • Hi,

    I think you need to add DNS records to your GoDaddy after you verified your domain.

  • When I click on Team Site it is trying to direct me to  My actual domain is  Not sure how to make this change.  Also I am working on a PC that is XP service pack 3.  However, was recently able to migrate one of our practitioners from Office Live to 365 without any problems.

  • The team site does not use your doamin name.  Only a Public Facing site can be setup to use your domain name.  Your option is to setup a forwarding from go daddy.  Bear in mind that the team site is only accessable via users with a login.

  • Had GoDaddy check the DNS settings I changed per MS and they said it looked like it should work.

  • Have never done this before, can you describe how I set up a forwarding in Godaddy?  Thanks.

  • Figured out how to forward in GoDaddy am checking to see if that does the trick.  Thanks Richard.

  • Sorry, didnt see your last messages.  Thats good, it may take a little wjile to update.

  • As far as I can tell everything in GoDaddy is corrrect.  However, when I log into Office 365 I still come up to the Getting Started screen.  I have loaded WinRM and Powershell and cannot find any instructions of what to do from there some kind of setup to load Office 365 so that I can get to the screen that will allow me to create and edit my website.  

  • Can you do a screen shot (Press PrtSc on the keyboard) and paste into paint.  Use rich formatting to upload.  Also where are you in the world and do you have lync installed.

    I will offer to look at godaddy and your 365 for you....but you will need to give me passwords etc.  This is an option, up to you.  If your are interested send me a private message.

  • PS, with Lync you can share your screen.

  • OK, Time for the sulution

    In Office 365, a new domain was added being (createing a subdomain).  Via Sharepoint Administration Manager the webite address for the public web site was change to

    In Go Daddy a CNAME record was created (www,, A Record updated and a domain forwarding put in place for (forwarding to

    The Public facing website is now fully functionional.

  • Hello D Miller,

    How are things going?
    If you need more help, please feel free to contact us.

    @Richard @Mch @Sunshine-key, thanks for your information.