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FREE 6 month Trial

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I have just received an alert that my subscription expires in 24 days?  I thought this was a 6 months FREE trial when we moved over from OSLB to Office 365?  Has anyone else received this alert?



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  • Hi Tina,

    If you have registered the trial account from Office 365 official website, the trial period will be only 1 month, and you can contact our sales and billing support to get help. See Contact Support for a billing or subscription issue.

    Ray Yang

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  • I have contacted support and am awaiting a response.

    I registered for the trial account from the email that was sent to me which read:-


    Get your free offer

    If you have not yet begun your exclusive 6 month free trial of Microsoft® Office 365 for professionals and small businesses and Office Professional Plus, start your trial now.

    Sign in to redeem your personalised, one-time use promotion code  


    This clearly states that I should have a six month trial not one month?

  • Tina,

    I got an alert also and it has been 6 months. Doesn't time fly by so fast?

    Look at your subscription at 

    Admin >> Subscription > Manage  and check your Email address that you used to sign-up with (it maybe that old Window Live ID)


    You can also look in your O365 Outlook mailbox for the first message you received:


    You didn't just get one month - you got 6 months and soon it will expire.

  • Hi Tina,

    How are things going?

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is always our pleasure to be of assistance.


    Ray Yang

  • HELP!!! Does anyone have any contact information for OLSB,  Support have told me they can access or see when my subscription started from?  I've looked back through my emails and it looks like April is when I subscribed and started to redo my website?  They don't have any contact information?  Unbelievable.  There is no way my subscription should end in 20 days?  that would mean I subscribed in Jan time which I didn't?  I still have emails for the offer which were sent to me in April? offering a FREE 6 months


  • Hi Tina,

    If you apply the trial account after the transition period of Office Live Small Business (OLSB), you can only use the free trail for 1 month.


    Ray Yang