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Can't login to community forums

  • Hey Guys,

    I am trying to login to the community forums with my account "mattmoo2" which should be associated with the email address matthewphughes at, whilst I still get email notifications through that account, I am no longer able to login, please can you help?


    Matthew Hughes

    P.s. you are welcome to delete this thread once this is resolved thanks

  • Anyone home?

  • Matt,

    They are not going to fix it.  There was "mch" (his name is Matt too) that had his login (to this forum) removed and he tried and tried and never got it back.  Now he is called

    I hope they prove me wrong. Go ahead O365 and make me wrong, I dare you!

  • Hi Matt,

    Do you mean that you couldn’t log in the account “mattmoo2”?
    Is this account “mattmoo2” related to Office 365 account? If so, can you log on Office 365 Portal with this account?
    What’s email address that you prefer to log in Office 365?

    To protect your piracy, I suggest sending your email address with this account via Private Message. I have sent you a private message on this. It was responded in a private message with a subject of "Information Request".
    Please go to the Your details section on the right side of the community site.
    Click Private messages.
    Click the subject title of the response to read the message.
    You can reply by using the form in that display to provide the information requested.
    In addition, thanks for Ken’s effort.

    Monica Tong

  • Hi Matt,

    Have you received my reply? How about your account? If the issue persists, please provide the information requested via private message?

    Monica Tong

  • replied thanks

  • I'm having a similar problem too with IE9. I can login with Firefox but not IE9




  • This is my result with Firefox



  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your reply.

    When searching with the display name “Mattmoo2”, I noticed that the information shows the same information as your current account. “Mattmoo2”    your current account

    You may refer them about your question. Is it for “Email” content under Account after clicking “Manage Settings” under your community account? If not, what’s information you prefer to get with that account? Please provide detailed information about the information you prefer to get with “Mattmoo2”.

    Hi Residentx10,

    I understand that an error occurred when signing in Office 365 forum via Internet Explorer 9. Can you sign in other website, such as Office 365 Online Portal properly? Can you sign in other website properly?

    The issue may be caused by one of the following factors:
    1. The settings in IE didn’t configure properly.
    2. IE is corrupted.
    To fix the issue, you can refer the following steps and check the issue after finishing each step. If the issue fixed by any step, you do not need to continue performing other steps.
    Step 1: Reset IE
    1. Launch IE, click Tools icon on the right corner of the browser.
    2. Click Internet Options.
    3. Click Advanced, and then click Reset button.
    Please Note: After resetting IE, it would reset Internet Explorer’s settings to their default condition. Your previous configuration may be lost during this process.
    4. Click OK.
    If the issue persists, please move on Step 2 to reinstall IE to check the issue.
    Step 2: Reinstall IE
    1. Download IE installation package from the website below: 
    2. Choose the download according to your Operating System (OS) version and click Download to save it on your desktop.
    3. Double click the downloaded package and install it.
    4. After finishing the installation, launch IE to check the email sent issue on it again.
    The causes are different from the configuration. If the issue persists, to better follow up the issue, I suggest posting a new question in the forum with the detailed problem description and error message.
    Monica Tong

  • I can login into the portal but not the community with IE9. I'm connecting through Firefox now.





  • Hi Residentx10,

    Have you tried the previous information to fix the issue? Since you can use other browser to access Office 365 community, there isn’t any issue with your account. It’s related to the local settings. The causes are different from the configuration. If the issue persists after performing the steps provided in previous post, to better follow up the issue, I suggest posting a new question in the forum with the detailed problem description and error message.
    Monica Tong

  • I tried your suggestions this morning and this was the result:


    32 bit version( I understand why I got the results here)



    64 bit version

  • I tried again with IE9 today to login and I was prompted to login through the O365 portal. I keyed in my credentials and it timed out again. I used Firefox, pasted the url and my signon was accepted and this is how I add my comment today.

  • Maybe try to clean history records, Internet Option>Delete, you can try also run cmd and type ipconfig /flushdns, hope it helps you.
  • Hi Matt,


    How are things going on your side? If the problem persists, please provide the detailed information what Monica mentioned.


    @Jeremy, thanks for your effort.



    Allen Qiu