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Expiring Password Notification

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Most of our users are using the Outlook 2010 client to manage their email/calendars, etc.


Is there a notification that should pop up in Outlook or Lync that would warn of a pending expiration of their password or is something that must be custom configured?


Many of our users only found out about the password expiration when they received a message regarding the connection failing.  No mention of a password issue in the error message.



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  • Hi John,

    Thanks for your post. As for this case, I'd like you can take a look at

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

  • Hi John,

    I noticed the last time mine were about to expire that a little pop-up came up in the task bar upon sign-in and said it was expiring in X number of days.

  • Hi John,

    How are you? I'm writing in just want to ensure that all the information above is useful for you.

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  • Hello.  It doesn't work.  <rant mode on>I am admin for 20+ years, and I have been looking for that notification.  It doesnt popup.   Outlook normally stays open for most users.  They only close it , only when they reboot, OR MSUpdates reboots.  So no one sign in, no notice sent.  Some users turn popup notification off because of annoyance everytime a email comes in.    Lets get with the program MICROSOFT, and send the user a couple of emails to let them know the password is expiring.  Like everybody else does.  Because that method works.  Nobody pays attention to a little popup.  It should NAG the heck out of you until you go change it.  The phone calls are KILLING our help desk.    the problem!  Users may work for an hour to only find out their email is not sending , nor receiving.  Outlook just goes offline and says ...connecting... and nobody pays attention, because they are END USERS and all they want to do is ther WORK, not be watching out all the time for a little whisper to change their password.  You have to get their attention.  WITH A TWO by FOUR!.   So back to the problem, they work for an hour thinking they are sending and receiving and when you do finally find out, call the help desk, get a call back, then talk enduser to go to OWA to reset password, guess what!  THEY DON"T REMEMBER IT..... Uhmmmmm.... I never have to put it in"  Because they are WORKERS, not SYSAMIN.  They want to work, not play with computers all day like you and I.  I would rather be WORKING than helping end users that are clueless to IT, and rightly so, because they are worker bees and drones and just want to work.   So, now 2 hours have gone by, they have missed important emails, maybe lost customers or have the boss mad at them because she thinks they are ignoring her, and its the wrong time of the month anyhow and they're gonna catch heck, and all those emails messages the thought they were sending are STUCK in their outbox, because they were created with an expired account and WILL NOT RESEND ro double click and SEND, they have to be FWD in order to get the mail out and it is counter productive and these MicroSoft oversights are what is killing American  productivity, (and the lazy workers).  Just like Win8 METRO.... Your killing us.  I wonder if its a PLOT to destroy America by crippling productivity with software that bites you in the end and costs you hours of time.  Please consider sending password expiration notices like everyone else.  It works.  Count the calls O035 got this month for expired Outlook passwords alone and ask yourself what can we do to stop this madness.   Please... for the sake of rebuilding a crippled USA...... Thank you.  <rant mode off>

  • Hi Rickkee,

    Could you please create a new thread with all the requirements and our SEs are willing to help you figure it out. If you want to enable the notifications in Outlook, you can take a look at

    Thanks, Neo Zhu