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How do I remove 365 entirely from my Mac?

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I would like to remove 365 entirely from my Mac so that there are no remnants of it left. This includes within my Outlook. Could anybody please advise. I have removed the current users (aside from myself) but unable to do anymore.

Thanks, Wayne.

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  • Hello WBateman,

    Thank you for your post.

    Before going further, could you let us know why you want to remove client applications for Office 365 on Mac client computer?

    Just for the information, Office 365 is an online productivity suite, including email, collaboration, presence/communications (IM and audio/video calls and conferencing), and both Office Web Apps and (in the enterprise edition) Office 2010 Professional Plus. You can access online service in Office 365 with client applications (for example, outlook 2010/2011, lync client) or browsers.

    If you want to remove Office 2011 from a Mac client computer, please refer to steps in article below.

    How to completely remove Office for Mac 2011

    Thank you.
    Jack Sun

  • Hi Jack, a colleague and I downloaded the free trial to assess if we could share calendars and so forth. Whilst this function was enabled, we then decided that we would rather just subscribe to Exchange Online as we only really want the capacity to share contacts and calendars. So I want to be able to remove 365 safely (without disabling our ability to send emails from our own domain, for example, and then we would subscribe to Exchange Online. I don't want to remove Word, PowerPoint etc - just 365.

    Does that help? Could you please advise?

    Thanks, W.

  • office 365 has no special clients. user just use outlook client/lync client to access email service or lync service in o365. if you don't want to access your mailbox with outlook 2011. you can simply remove your mail account from outlook 2011. no need to remove any client application.


  • I'm not sure I understand. I want to be able to access Outlook on my Mac (and my colleagues access Outlook on their Macs and PCs) but since I have set up the trial of 365 I cannot just simply remove my colleagues as users because they are then unable to send emails from their company email accounts. I simply want to describe from 365 and remove the downloaded components and any syncing between 365 and my company email. Is that any clearer? Apologies if not.

  • what's the meaning of "I have set up the trial of 365"? which application you have installed on your mac client?


  • Hello WBateman,

    Just checking how things are going on your side. Could you let us know which application on Mac client you would like to uninstall? If you need additional information on this problem, feel free to let us know.

    Thank you.
    Jack Sun