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I have switched over to purchasing my domain through Melbourne IT directly.  When I have entered the information on the Melbourne website as told to do with Office 365, I have tried to verify the domain, but can't do it.  We used to purchase our domain through Windows Live, but this expired recently, but again, I went directly to Melbourne as instructed through the Office 365 instructions.  What can we do to get our new website that we produced in Office 365 working?
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  • Hi Stepping stones,

    Based on my understanding you want to add and verify your domain to office 365, but you need help to get it verified. If it misunderstood your concerns please let me know.

    First, I would like to clarify the issue.

    1. What’s meaning of “I have tried to verify the domain, but can't do it. ” Did you get any error message? If so, please let me know the detailed error message.
    2. What’s your domain name?

    Best Regards,
    Alex Du

  • This is the error I receive when I say I am done and want to verify:  "Sorry, we can't find the record you created" This might just be a matter of timing, but here are a few things to check:

    • Sometimes DNS changes can take up to 72 hours, so you may just need to wait a little longer and then try again.

    •Go back and read the instructions again to make sure the record was created correctly.

    If there's a typo in the name, fix it below."

    Our domain is:

  • Stepping Stones

    As a OLSB refugee, you need to watch and follow this --> Move your OLSB Domain Name to Office 365