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website and e-mail still not working after dns changes

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I have changed my olsb account over to 365 and gone through the necessary procedures in the correct order.

I have had my domain (bought through 123 reg) verified, and changed the dns settings, then waited and waited......

The transition guide suggests it can take up to 72 hours to implement changes, however that time limit has now been passed, and still nothing, website or e-mail.

I have trouble shooted it with 365 and it suggests that the domain has been verified and the dns changes have taken effect, however the new website (or any website) still does not show???

Also a bit baffled as I have not received any e-mail through outlook, since Friday 20th, I am sure the two are linked somehow!

Anyone have any suggestions where I am going wrong (preferably in a simple to understand language), as there doesn't seem to be a helpline contact for any problems!  

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  • When you moved your domain name to Office 365, your OLSB business accounts stopped receiving emails.

    See -->

  • Unbelievable, It took me weeks to change my @bristolvanman e-mail accounts from Hotmail to Outlook, and now I find out that I had to re add them to my 365 account once my domain had been verified!!!

    Thank you for your answer and the link, I knew it would be something simple!

    Anyone have an answer as to why my website is still down, I would be very grateful for an answer, hopefully another simple one with a quick fix! Don't know why I didn't ask questions weeks ago instead of struggling through by myself!

  • Hello Bristolvanman,

    Thanks for the information Ken provided first.
    Before moving on, I would like to confirm the current situation first.
    You have moved the custom domain from OLSB to Office 365 and verified it. However the email service and the website with the custom domain didn’t work. Is it correct?

    If so, please refer to the following steps to troubleshoot the issue.
    1. Troubleshoot whether the DNS records of the custom domain are working properly.
    2. As you found, please create users or editing the existing users with the same username as the old email address used at OLSB, such as
    3. Change the SharePoint Online public-facing website address.
    For tips, based on my experience, the changing of our SharePoint website address may takes up to 24 hours.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Claud/Ken,

    Thank you for both taking the time to answer.

    Yes you were right Claud, but to be honest, I have now wrapped it all up by spending a little while reading through Kens site (Thank you very much Ken)

    It appears to be so much more informative and simple to understand by people of limited tech knowledge (like myself!) than the 365 transition guide, which at times appears to be as clear as mud!

    It appears everything was done correctly, The e-mail issue was because the transition guide does not tell you that you will lose all custom e-mail upon transition and need to re add them once the domain has been verified (even though I assumed this was done by transfering e-mail over to Outlook as part of the process) which is something I could have done way before the 72 hour time limit suggested, and which once you know this, takes seconds and everything is back up and running again!

    The website not working was down to the issue that again the transition guide is not clear upon telling you that after following their instructions to the word, and everything appears to have changed (which it now transpires that it had) You then need to re direct from the sharepoint address you are given to your custom domain which you own, from a dropdown menu from your teamsite, which again is something that was so simple to do and took seconds, again instead of the suggested 72 hour wait by simply following Kens guide instead, but without knowing or understanding that at the time, seems so hard and time consumming! In reality it probably took less than an hour after doing this for the website to be back up and running.

    So again, Ken, I thank you very much for your much easier to understand guide, maybe Microsoft could have employed you to write their transition guide in the first place, although I also feel that my personal lack of knowledge on this subject has probably made it very difficult for myself as I think the transition guide is aimed at people with more tech intelligence than myself!!!

    I only hope I have written this explanation in such a way that other people in my situation with the same problems can now also understand how to fix their similar problems, If not you could do much worse than spend a bit of time reading through Kens site.

    Just one other small question to you Ken, if you are still monitoring this, Do you know how quick the site will be to start attracting hits from search engines for all the keywords and phrases it used to whilst at OLSB???

    I am sure it is just a time issue again but if I should be doing something to achieve this (obviously I have entered metatags etc) I would obviously like to know sooner rather than later!!! I think I was lucky in chosing the trading name Bristol Van Man as it did not seem to matter which combination of those words you search for, my website always seemed to pop up at the top of the search engine rankings (luck more than judgement or quality marketing I hasten to add!)

    Just cant wait until it gets back to normal.

    Kindest Regards


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  • Rob,

    The Search Engines will find your new website on Office 365 anywhere from a couple of hours to 6 weeks.  A lot depends no how many good/valid outside links are pointing to your website.

    See -->  I just finished my website, why am I not listed?  

    I said "good/valid outside links" because now most of the external links are BAD, not pointing to the right place and now causing problems with visitors and search engines.  See --> A workaround for the Page addresses  

    Very Special Secret; On all of your postings, include a link back (referred to as backlink) to your website. Never miss an opportunity  to have you company name displayed as a link to your website. Just like I do at the bottom of this posting.  Just look how fast this Office 365 gets indexed and cataloged by the search engines.

    See "So again, Ken, I thank you very much" by click this --> 

    This forum gets cataloged every 3 to 4 hours. The search engines follow the links they find on this site to other website and index them.  So with backlinks on this site, your new website can be indexed in hours.

    see --> Get Better Listings by Getting Linked

  • Thanks once again Ken.

    Some more interesting reading and educational information there.

    I think I will just go down the time route on that one as the workaround looks extremely complex and I think given time, the results will come back due to my trading name!

    Will certainly work on the backlinks though.



    Hope that works!

  • Hello Rob,

    Thanks for your feedback and the helpful information Ken provided. I’m very glad to hear that the emails and the website are working properly now.

    For the question about search engine, you may also refer to the following thread.
    In addition, for better support of the issue, I sincerely suggest post it in a new thread in SharePoint section in the forum specially. Our SharePoint specialists are very glad to help you.

    Thanks for your understanding,

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