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Small Business Friendly 2 Factor Authentication Options

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Are there any 2-factor authentication options for Office 365 that don't involve the use of dedicated on premises servers for ADFS / Forefront etc?

Just looking at options for this at the moment, and most of the solutions, seem more targeted to larger companies .



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  • Not sure that this helps you much, but I can see no-one's answered yet, and I wanted to say that I've not found anything either. With the recent interest in using two-factor authentication on Google Mail, I'd hope that Microsoft would offer strong authentication to purely-cloud-based Office 365 solutions (like professional and small business SKUs) but it seems not (see I'll be following the advice in the post I just linked to provide feedback and request 2FA as a feature - I'd encourage others to do so too...

  • One option is to use a SSO company like Okta.

    Make the passwords to the O365 user accounts 16 digit random strings (and don't give them out). Set up SSO through Okta (with 2FA), and that way the user only knows to login through Okta.

    If you know of other SSO companies with 2FA, I would love to hear about it... I am still looking as I'm not crazy with Okta's pricing structure.

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  • As an update, I am currently looking at Options up to wazoo and better price than Okta.

    To reiterate, you give the O365 account a 16 digit password that you don't tell the user, and set up the SSO program (Okta, OneLogin, Ping) for 2 factor auth. The user logs in to the SSO and chooses O365 as the app.

    Seems like this is finally going to work.

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