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Assigned License and Nonexistent Service Requests

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I am receiving this error,

"One or more users need an assigned license in order to retain an Exchange Online mailbox or archive. Create a new view, select “Users with Exchange mailboxes or archives and no licenses”, and assign licenses."


I do as instructed and 2 users show, however they have been assigned a license.


After researching the issue I find I need to open a Service Request. However, after following the instructions:

"To create a service request for technical assistance, do the following:

  1. On the Admin page, in the left pane under Support, click Service Requests and then click New request."

I find the above does not exist in my Admin Panel.


Please advise and please update information when it changes.


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  • Hi Keanan,

    Do you mean that the two users mentioned have been assigned Exchange Online license for their mailboxes?
    To troubleshoot the issue, please check if they can access their mailbox properly.

    When you stated that you do as instructed, do you mean that you performed steps in the following KB article?

    In addition, for Office 365 Plan P1 users, there isn’t such link in Admin page. The available support for Office 365 Plan P1 is show as the website below:

    You can also view the information from the link:

    If you are Office 365 enterprise user, please capture a screenshot of Admin page for further research.

    Monica Tong

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  • Yes, I followed the KB article referenced and it shows the 2 users, however both users have license and their mailbox is working as it should.

    After searching and reading through the forums it appears that since I assigned those 2 Users an Archive mailbox the only way to make the error go away is to submit the ticket, which is not available.

    I am a Plan P1 user with 6 licensed Users so I guess that means I do not have the privilege to submit a ticket.

  • Hi Keanan,

    What license do the users have? Are they specifically licensed for Exchange?

  • They have been assigned the following:

    Microsoft Office 365 Plan P1

    Lync Online (P1)

    SharePoint Online (P1)

    Exchange Online (P1)

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  • Hi Keanan,

    Thanks for your reply.  I am going to need a little more info from you - please see your PM's for details.