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How do I change the default e-mail address

  • Hi there,

    When I signed up for Office 365 (P1), I was obviously assigned an e-mail address along the lines of

    However, I immediately got a new domain name from my domain registrar and brought it over to microsoft. I want my default e-mail and login for the admin account to be

    Is there a way I can do this? All I have been able to do is set up a secondary/non-default e-mail address using my new domain.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hello

    the only way is to:

    * delete the current account

    * create a new using your Internet domain name

    there is currently no way to change default adress for existing account

  • Hi Charles,

    Just to be clear, please don't delete your only administrator account.

    Also, I believe you actually can change the e-mail and login for that original user, you just can't do it while logged in as that user.  Create a second admin account, log in as them, and they should be able to edit the properties of the first.

    David Wong

    Office 365 Beta Technical Support

  • I came across this post... it could help me, but just to be clear...

    My default 'Primary' e-mail address:

    Same as the Office 365 logon, and now I have created under this account my own domain and completed all the DNS settings to verify this domain via MS Office 365.

    So under Admin tools, have added to my Primary account ( this 'Other' e-mail addresses:

    It works, mail comes out and in... using this address, however....

    How do I now amend so that mail when received into can be responded to from, rather than

    Many Thanks. John.

  • I want the same thing. I currently pay for only one user (myself). So I cannot create a secondary administrator account do change it. Is there any way to change the primary e-mail address? Maybe using PowerShell, like this article says:

  • You pay per license not per user. So you can add as many users as you like without assigning them a license then make of the new users a secondary administrator.

    You can then sign in with the new administrator account and change your own default email address.

  • Hi guys,

    Ian is absolutely correct; you are charged by licenses, so you can make an admin without a license.  They won't have any services, but will be able to log into the Online Portal and perform administrative tasks.

    There are several ways to change your primary e-mail address; arguably the simplest is through the Online Portal by going to the User properties and changing the User name to use your custom domain.  This will change the name you log in with as well as the e-mail address that you send from.  The previous address will be added to that user as an alias, so you will still receive mail sent to that address.  As mentioned, you can't edit the properties of the user that you're logged in as, so you'll have to log in as another admin.

    Alternatively, the PowerShell cmdlet that LZandman references can be used to change the Primary Address without changing the User name.  There's also a link towards the beginning of that article to change UserID's via PowerShell if you'd prefer to go that route.

    Hope that helps,
    David Wong
    Office 365 Technical Support