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what??? can't easily sync outlook calendars and tasks??? then I'm out!

  • So if I cannot easily sync my outlook 07 info to this, then I am out. If I have to have 2010 or exchange to accomplish this, then i assume this is just an effort by microsoft to sell more product and nothing else. It's why i moved over to android instead of windows phone 7 when they removed active sync from the mix.

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  • Hi David,

    A list of supported software can be found here:  Office 2007 with SP2 is certainly supported with Office 365, and you can sync your Outlook calendar and tasks.

  • How do I synchronise Outlook 2007 sp2 calendar and tasks with office 365? Can I import my existing calendar and contacts?

  • I really think that their is a disconnect with whatt Office 365 offers.  You do not "Sync" Outlook with Office 365.  You use Outlook (2007 SP2 is the minimum required version) to access you mailbox that is located on Office 365.  The entire mailbox is located in the cloud and you have several ways to access it; Outlook client, OWA and Mobile Devices via ActiveSync.

  • David,

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by sync Outlook calendar and tasks.  Also I am not sure I understand what you meand by "removed Active Sync from the mix"

  • Hi Sean - I can't answer for David, but I can tell you what I am looking for.  I want to use outlook on my desktop to see everything that is in Office 365 and vice versa.  I want to be able to use my calendar, tasks and notes as well as see my email from within Office 365.  I want one copy of everything.  I also want to have my email, calendar, tasks and notes on my Droid.  Does that clarify?

  • Elizabeth,

    Yes that makes sense and all that you are wanting/needing is built into Office 365.  If you would like to contact me directly from my details page I could explain the entire Office 365 value proposition.  

  • Hi Sean

    It looks like i'm after the same as Elizabeth but would also like contacts (inc catagories) to be the same on 365 as my desktop outlook 2007. Is that possible?

  • So reading through these posts I found no resolution.  I have email sync working between Outlook 2007 and Office 365 using exchange.  But my outlook calendar is not going over to office 365??? How do I make that happen.  My outlook 2007 file is rather full of files/emails so it is still uploading those to 365.  Maybe I'm jumping the gun and the 365 calendar syncs last with outlook after all the email folders?  Please tell me it the outlook calendar does sync with office 365.  

  • qbbob,

    When you say Office 365, what are you talking about, Office 365 is a bundle of applications, do you mean the calendar in outlook we b app, or do you want to sync with a calendar in sharepoint?

    When it is done uploading, if you still do not have what you are looking for, please add more detail as to what you have, and what you want.

  • I agree.  If this is not easy to do, then this is a very big problem.  

    Does anyone from microsoft actually pay attention to this stuff, or do they not care?

  • Did anyone find the answer this before I go ahead and buy it??

  • Check this link out.  It worked for me and everything is working well.