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Exchange Hosted Encryption

  • Hi,


    are Exchange Hosted Encryption services compatible with Office 365? Is there any alternative option or service?


    Thank you!

  • Hello Marzio,

    We do not have any information on this at this time, but I will research this on your behalf.


  • Hi David,

    thank you for your answer. It would be really useful to have a host-side encryption, managed by centralized policies, even realized with a different solution.


  • Hi,

    Exchange Hosted Encryption (EHE) is an add-on service that is not part of Exchange Online or Office 365. Customers who have purchased Exchange Online, the Office 365 Enterprise plans or Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE), can add EHE to their accounts. EHE is not available for O365 for professionals and small business plans. Please see below for more information:


    Tim Muth
    Microsoft Office 365 Support
  • Hello,  

    We have purchased both EHE and O365 E1 and are looking to integrate the two.   Can you direct me to documentation on the EHE setup with O365?

  • Hello,

    I spoke with a Microsoft technician.  Office 365 Clients should enter inbound and outbound public IP's of "" then press 'Activate' over and over until the system gives a POP up error message.  At that point th record will have been saved and backend support will handle the setup from there.  This was accurate as of May 3 2012.  The technician expected the issue to be corrected in the near future.

  • There should be more documentation on this.  It supposedly was much eaiser with BPOS.  Why does it have to be so difficult with O365?

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  • I agree. And getting EHE has been nothing but a pain also.  Why is this something that can't be made easier.  

  • CipherCloud for Office 365 is now available. CipherCloud encrypts all email, calendar, contact, and task data stored in the Microsoft cloud. CipherCloud is a cloud encryption gateway: data is encrypted/decrypted transparently for users and your organization owns the encryption keys. Searching in encrypted messages and access with mobile devices is fully supported. You can find more information at . CipherCloud provides encryption for multiple cloud applications including Salesforce, Gmail, Amazon S3, Chatter, and more.

  • So I had the exact same issue with trying to get Exchange Hosted Encryption into an Office 365 environment for my customer. After weeks of searching I found the right support number to call. Here is the response from the ForeFront team at Microsoft:

    "Encryption is not supported with the newer version of the Office 365. Instead can use OWA S/MIME or Outlook encryption (using certificates on the client machines) as alternates.

    For internal emails, you can use AD RMS."

    Hope that helps.



  • Using EHE with v15 Office 365 is possible now. Below is an email I received as a response to a support inquiry about this. Since the contacts listed below seem to be individual people and not generic role-based email addresses, they may change over time, so it's probably best to create your own ticket rather than using the contacts that were provided to me. That said, here's the message in its entirety for your reference:

    Hello Joe,


    This is Siby from Microsoft Team regarding the service request # 1206517855 ( “EHE (Exchange Hosted Encryption) and Office 365 v15 “ ) . Unfortunately I was unable to reach you to discuss on this issue.

    Regarding the service request I would like to inform you that it is possible now to have exchange Hosted encryption with the new office 365 . You need to purchase the EHE subscription and then to activate the same kindly drop an email to the and also cc the Activation agent  Sandy with your agreement number and all the details of the encryption subscription that you have purchased also your tenant name.

    Once it is done you can contact us to create a rule or you can follow the below article for the same :

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions on the same.


    Siby Koshy Cherian

  • How do you purchase it to begin with?