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Microsoft Office 365 Account Delete

  • I need help deleting my office small business whole account ?

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  • Hello officeuser,

    What is it that you need to delete?  If you'd like to free up a domain that you've added, just be sure to remove all of your user objects and group objects and it should let you remove that domain.  If you can tell me more about what it is that you want to do, I can help you with this issue.

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  • Hey Alexander Karls,

    I just accidently deleted my Global Administrator. Now, Armir (??) told me in the Support-Mail, that in the Office365 Beta there's no support.

    So nobody can make my last admin become global admin and I want to delete the whole Office365 Account, to start over again.

    Is this the wrong way? All the support-thing in Office365 is a bit confusing and I tried the past days to get Global-Admin-rights to adminsitrate my domain...

    Thank you for help,



  • Due to the complexity of your issue, I recommend that you engage the support team directly by creating a Service Request.

    If you're currently on an Enterprise subscription, please use the Contact Support page to call in for support and Microsoft Office365 Beta engineer will assist you with your issue.

    If you're currently on a Small Business subscription, please fill out the form at the following URL, and please include your username when you submit the form:

    [link removed by moderator]

    When you have submitted the form, you will be provided with a service request number.  Please return to this forum thread and update it with the service request number you received, and a Microsoft Office365 Beta engineer will assist you via the service request.

    Please note that only designated administrators of an associated Office365 Beta account will be provided support via service requests.  All other users should contact their Office365 Beta account administrator for further assistance.