Alex Du:

Thanks again for help on the post summarized below (A).

In retrospect, having lost 10-11 days, I believe the Verify Domain Wizard should provide more guidance to the user.  Please find my suggestion below at (B).

Seeing how others like myself are having problems that could be easily avoided stimulates me 
to offer this suggestion.  Wandering around through non-specific help guides, screens and videos was an exhausting waste.  

What made the difference for me was your direction to this video AND THE SPECIFIC COMMENTS AT THE END OF PART ONE [ 4:42 - 5:06 MIN:SEC ].

Best regards,
Paul in Alabama

[from] Alex Du MSFT Support
Post replied on 2012-Mar-01 3:40 AM
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  ... please follow the video below to troubleshoot the issue. ...



[ reply from ] paulNala
Post replied on 2012-Mar-01 7:12 PM

The utilities were what was needed to locate both the problem and confirm verification of ownership.  As of several hours later, the Office 360 domain wizard has yet to verify ownership, but it appears to be a matter of time.  Thanks, Paul in Alabama



Provide users more complete information right up front, for example, on the following page:

1 2 3 4
Confirm that you own

Sorry, we can't find the record you created.

This might just be a matter of timing, but here are a few things to check:
- Sometimes DNS changes can take up to 72 hours, so you may just need to wait a little longer and then try again.
- Go back and read the instructions again to make sure the record was created correctly.
- If there's a typo in the name, fix it below.

>>> ADD:

- Verify the DNS and txt (or MX) record are created correctly; do not wait the 72 hours.  Follow the steps in the following Trouble-shooting video:



 The video makes it plain whether your DNS and txt are correct.  If not, you must sign in to your domain registrar or DNS provider and re-create the records.

  Once you have done this trouble-shoot, you will have distinguished between non-verification with problem and non-verification without problem WITHOUT waiting 72 hours; and (2) you will have the opportunity to clean out bad records and start fresh.

 (3) Also very important is the information that everything can be okay, even for Microsoft, but that Microsoft may not process the news for many hours.  Therefore, if everything is okay, one should DO NOTHING – stay calm and trust that you will not get a nasty surprise at the end of the maximum waiting period.