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Access to down?!

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Troubling problem!


I am trying to sign in to access my email/calendar and also admin settings. However, when I go to the site and sign in, rather than loading my usual O365 home page it is going to a blank screen with the following error:

There was a problem processing your request

We apologize for the inconvenience. The problem is temporary, so please try again later.

Support information

Error: Unknown application error occurred.

Correlation ID: fee78d9f-5324-4e45-9050-01ed0caf107c

Error code: 0


It was working fine until about an hour ago, and I have tried from multiple browsers/computers with no success now. Is this system-wide, or am I the only one currently affected? If anyone know of a link to check the service status of O365, that would be great :). I thought I had seen once somewhere, but am at a loss now to find it.







Update: This has now resolved itself after being down for only about 15minutes (thank goodness!). That said, it would still be great to know if there really is a URL to check service status. Would be most appreciative if anyone knows of such a tool.



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  • Hello

    From the Admin page there is a link called Service Health which provides a dashboard. The URL is There's been some intermittant issues for the past few days now including today.



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  • We've been evaluating this service for existing customers over the last few days and the stability of the platform has been worse than any other product we've ever seen. Is there a near term resolution to all these office 365 availability issues? This is a Beta product? Performance has been so poor it makes me think we are evaluating against test servers.

  • Is the Office 365 site down again?

  • I feel like it is, I also don't remember seeing a maintenance notice....

  • The portal is down, and today was our roleout to the entire organization. Not good timing.

  • That link doesn't work because the portal is down. Which is the issue in the first place.

  • Its never a good time. It should never come down without notice.  Button line!

  • Nop! Not helpful...  Check it first... IS DOWN!

  • ME 2 !

  • Microsoft Fix The Problem!!!!!!!!

  • Think I mistook a decimal point, Microsoft must have meant 9.99% uptime guarantee.  

    If an in-house Exchange system I managed had as many problems as Office365, I'd be out of a job.

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  • As far as this article is concerned, the SLA doesn't cover the Admin portal.

  • They fixed it, mine's up. . .