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Buying Office 365 E3/E4 plan for companies running RDS/Citrix

  • Hello Microsoft

    Not trying to be a pain in the a..but companies running RDS/Citrix cannot buy your Enterprise E3/E4 plan.

    Please see my first starter link below.

    Also see the quotes from the link below

    In the cloud, on premises, or both
    For larger businesses with even more advanced IT needs, Office 365 enables you to get the cloud on your terms with flexible deployment options.
    Migrate to Office 365 at your own pace or setup your deployment to meet specific compliance, security or operational needs.

    That's all great, but we are not able to purchase your E3/E4 plan because we have an RDS/Citrix infrastructure.

    Microsoft has helped enterprise businesses successfully move to the cloud
    Microsoft Enterprise Solutions are built on a unified productivity platform that's not only cost-effective,
    but gives you the agility to respond as business needs evolve. Your users can use Microsoft tools and applications they're familiar with to work from virtually anywhere*.
    With the choice and flexibility of cloud computing, your business can deploy services on-premises, in the cloud, or a blend of both.

    I ask again, where is the flexibility for companies running RDS or Citrix???.
    I guess 99.9% of the larger companies are running some kind of virtual environment today.

    Microsoft do you have any Office 365 show cases for larger companies also running RDS/Citrix/VDI?
    Is there any solution/workaround to this big problem?


    Jesper Ravn

  • Bump!

    Doesn't Microsoft have any comment to this critical issue?


    Jesper Ravn

  • Hello Microsoft

    Anyone care to answer this?
    This is a real show stopper for a lot of companies and your O365 partners.


  • Hello Microsoft

    Customers cannot buy your E3/E4 plan if they are running RDS/Citrix today.
    So, please correct your statement from the links below, because they are just plain wrong.

    Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement is Cloud Ready

    Microsoft Office 365, announced in October and available now, is a great example of the EA’s new
    flexibility to combine online services with on-premises software.
    Customers can still sign a single company-wide EA that now also allows them to license any mix of
    Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync on premises
    and for Office 365 cloud services and be flexible with their on-premises and online investments.
    The updated Enterprise Agreement also allows customers to move licenses to the cloud and back
    without financial penalty and provides an option to easily add incremental Office 365 users.

    Watch CVP Joe Matz Describe How Volume Licensing Enables Customers and Partners to Become
    Cloud Ready.

    Recent changes to the Enterprise Agreement and Software Assurance provide the flexibility,
    manageability and cost-effectiveness to create the right licensing solution
    to address the breadth of customer scenarios: on-premises, virtualized, private or public cloud.

    Where is the flexibility, manageability and cost-effectivenes plan for customeres running RDS/Citrix in
    their infrastructure today?

    When will you fixed this critical issue?

    Also please see my previous post.


    Jesper Ravn

  • Hi Jesper,

    Thank you for your post.

    As replied in your new post, to keep complete information for the same question, I merged your previous question to this post. I am sorry for the confusion you might have been experienced due to this. Per your request, the new post isn’t merged to this post.

    Regarding the question mentioned here, currently, unlike Volume versions the Office 2010 Professional plus as part of the Office 365 subscription does not support RDS / Citrix deployments. Contrary to the software licensed under desktop application licenses for Microsoft Office, Office Professional Plus for Office 365 may not be deployed on a server or desktop and accessed remotely from another desktop. Customers may only use Office Professional Plus for Office 365 locally. Remote Use Rights are not available under Office Professional Plus for Office 365 licenses.
    For more information, you can refer the following article:
    Meanwhile, as to the situation you discussed here, to make it better meet your requirements, I sincerely invite you to submit your feedback for the further improving of our products. To make the suggestions better understood, please provide your detailed description on what you’d like to improve and detailed suggestions about what you prefer to have. This will make the feedback more useful for the relevant teams. You can submit your feedback by using the following link:
    If the service is requested frequently, the product team may include it in future product releases.
    In addition, we welcome you to keep your eye on the forum for any updates on the features that concern you. We also appreciate that you share the experience and feedback on improving Microsoft products and services. As a Microsoft User, you are highly welcomed to find more aspects where we can improve to make Microsoft products and services better and your new requirements about Microsoft Products. Indeed, with all the Microsoft fans’ feedback and the efforts of Microsoft related teams, many great features come out in each new product. We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and efforts.
    Thanks very much,
    Monica Tong

  • Well this is a real show stopper.

    There are no real solutions then for business users, who want the E3/E4 package with Citrix/RDS.


  • We just cut Office 365 out of a huge customer project at the last minute because of this.  The customer was 100% on board to use Office 365 with their new VDI setup until we noticed that Office 365 licensing prohibits all remote use.  I was totally floored by this.  Does Microsoft honestly think that there are any business users left out there that don't work remotely at least sometimes, especially ones who would adopt a product like Office 365?  The current reading of the license even prohibits a user from remotely accessing their work machine through RDS and using the Office suite installed on that PC.  So even those 1-5 user office set ups with Office 365 that use GoToMyPC to work from home are in violation of their license.  It's pretty laughable.

  • I concur - this issue is the only thing preventing us from moving to O365. It's not a technical issue, simply one of licensing. The 2013 beta version does install under RDS, but MS will not say if it will remain that way / be supported upon release.  Why not?  

    Come-on MS - at least tell us yes or no, so we can make plans accordingly.