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Problem Allowing External Users to View Sharepoint

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I have enabled every option which should allow email invitations to be sent allowing visitors access to my sites.


I created a test hotmail account and sent the email invitation to join.  However even with all the options enabled I am still given the error of.

My initial thoughts are that it could have something to do with my options when I am selecting email accounts to send the invitation to.

Notice I am only given the option to invite members to view my site.

Any ideas on how to change this?  Or if this is even the problem?




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  • Hello Smartin,

    To confirm, you have enabled the External User Invitation site collection feature?  And did not receive an error when sending the invitation?

    Did you also sign out of your current user completely before connecting to your Hotmail to accept the invitation?  To accept, you will have a link in the email sent to the address you put in the Share Site window.

    Lastly, you can change the groups that show up in the Share Site by assigning them as Default Groups.  It will show a maximum of 2 groups and to make a group default, you would first travel to the group through the People and Groups option of Site Settings.  Then click the option from the settings menu, as seen in the below screenshot.


    Matt Gill

    Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Support