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Differences between P1 and E1-E3?

  • Besides the 25 user limit and price, what are the differences between the P1 and enterprise subscriptions?


    The subscription plans link doesn't mention P1:


    And the small business description doesn't say anything about specific features:


    For example:

    Can I use the single login feature with P1?

    Can I use domain syncronization?


    I do have small business customers with local domains that control access to local business applications.  It would be ideal if they're credentials worked for Office365.  However, the AD-FS looks pretty heavy weight for a 15 person shop.




  • Hello Mike,

    P1 is considered Small Business and any E plan is considered Enterprise. As to the Sign Sign On or Identity Federation as well as Directory Sync, this is only possible with the Enterprise Plan



  • Are there any other features that are Enterprise only?

  • This is all we got:

  • Thank you.  That really helps for sharepoint.  

    It would be great to have something for . Exchange.  I found a very detailed document describing online Exchange, but it only talked about Enterprise..

  • Hi.Currently I have a Beta P1 Subscription.  This looks like a trial for six months, ending in October.  What will the cost be after six months?  I ask because I don't want to spend a huge amount of time training my self and my co-worker on Office 365 and then after six months find out it costs way more than we can afford it.  

  • I too would like to see a breakdown of the differences between P1 Exchange and E1-3 Exchange.