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Excel Documents don't support Macros and Data Validation?

  • Just in the free 30 day trial period and I just found out uploaded Excel documents don't support the use of Macros or Data Validation.


    These are two important functions in workbooks I am interested in sharing with other users and being able to edit simultaneously.  If Office 365 won't do this, I don't see the point.  I might as well continue using Google Docs for free.


    Am I missing something here?

  • Hello Mr. Brandt,

    It is not that Excel documents uploaded to SharePoint Online cannot have those features enabled. It is that the Excel Web App does not support them.

    The Excel web app is not meant to replace the Excel client software in many instances. Please visit for information about the differences in capability.

    It is true that this will not allow you to use co-authoring of Excel documents that have unsupported features enabled.

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  • Hi Ed Brandt,

    This is Jonis from Microsoft Online SharePoint Support.

    I wanted to check and see if the informational link provided by Brandon answered your question?  If you have any additional questions feel free to post them here.  If your question was answered, please mark this question as answered, so that others may benefit from this post.

    I will continue to monitor this thread for any additional questions.

    Thank you for your reply and for using the Microsoft Online SharePoint Services Forums.

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  • Google Docs doesn't have this issue.

    I'm questioning why I migrated my company to Office 365?

  • Very disappointing that Excel Web App does not support Macros or Data Validation, two powerful tools. Now that a few people have requested this, are you doing anything about it?

  • Hi Jonis,

    I have recently migrated my company to office365. I really appreciate your service and support that I have got till now in migration process. However, now their is big challenge for me and I want to come up with some idea of solving it.

    What I currently have :-

    1) Excel Worksheet (Having multiple worksheets)

    2) Word Document (around 50 page template)

    What I want to do:-

    I want to populate this word document with values in worksheet.(By doing this excel sheet will be updated directly from word document when accessed)

    I want to keep this word document on share point which company employees and outside collaborators can access. and when they update any values in word document it automatically updates excel sheet.

    The way I was thinking to sort out this problem was :

    1) Create a VBA application which will update word document with excel worksheet values . (I am not good at VBA but am sure that I will be able to do it using my programming skills)

    2) This word document can then be uploaded on to share point and made available to users who can access it and when they make changes it updates access file.

    Problems Identified :-

    I have came to know that Macro enabled file want work on share point (In Excel/ Word Web App). So, link between Word and Excel document want be preserved and I will not be able to update excel file directly from word document.

    Reading the article on below link

    I came to know that, we want be able to open macro enabled document.

    Is their any solution to this ? . Any help and guidance to this problem will be really appreciable. Please have a look into this matter.

    Thank You,