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My Office 365 wishlist

  • Hello Microsoft

    Here is my current wishlist for Office 365.

    1. Lync Online with full Enterprise voice calls (PBX/PSTN). Today you need Lync on-premise for that feature.Hope Skype can bring that dream closer to reality.

    2. Move ADFS/ADFS proxy to O365. Today you need a very complex setup on-premise with High availability. ADFS outage on-premise can cut off all your users from O365.

    3. SMTP relay to Office 365. It's only working if you hardcode the from address with a auth. O365 user. you need to do that for all your devices and applications.
    Also with that solution you are not able to see where the mail/alert/report originally comes from.
    Also see the link below, where other have the same problem.

    4. Companies using RDS/citrix cannot purchase E3 or E4 plans. This is really insane and one of the worst MS license policy I have seen in a long time.
    Please see the link below.

    5. Sharepoint and PDF (view and search). E.g see the link below.

    6. A central and simple view to see which distribution groups a user is member of and what access right that person has to room and shared mailboxes.
    It's very commen you need these information if you want to compare a new user with a current one in any given division.
    Also it would be nice if you could copy a current O365 user, so the new user would inherit membership and access right.

    7. Wildcard search in mailboxes and distribution groups + wildcard search in FOPE for both sender and recipient.

    8. True single sign-on for Outlook 2010. If a user changes his AD password he is prompted for password in Outlook. That gives a lot of helpdesk calls and noice.

    9. Device/Access control with Outlook Anywhere. It would be really nice if we could control it with user/computer certificates.
    E.g the user can use Outlook Anywhere if the person is using a trusted/company device with a computer certificate.
    You do have some limited Access control with the new ADFS update, but that's only for the user and not the device.

    10. Extend the O365 and FOPE GUI with the same settings, that you only can do with Powershell today.

    If anyone have something to add please let me know.


    Jesper Ravn

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  • Hello Jesper,

    Thanks for all these valuable and considerate suggestions. We highly appreciate your time and efforts.

    Therefore, I sincerely suggest submitting feedback about these considerate suggestions by the following link. With all your efforts, Office 365 will be improved better to suit these requirements.

    Thanks for your understanding,

  • Hello Jesper,

    Do you need other assistance about using Office 365?

    Best regards,