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Subscription cost?

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I really appreciate being in the 365 beta. So far so good. The number one question we have is cost. The very first comment was: "I don't want to go to the effort to migrate all our stuff to only find the eventual cost to be prohibitive. After all, Google Apps is free and it works." Well, it does work, but we don't like it. That's why we are here. But she has a great point. We're non-profit so cost control is a big deal. Any ideas on the eventual subscription costs? Even ballpark numbers would help. Thanks, -Jack

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  • I have the same question.  I am a consultant to small non-profits.  Office 365 has great potential, but subscription costs will be a major factor.  Thanks, Jeff

  • Same question. I don't care to have to pay.

    I'm paying my current Wordpress hoster. Just want to know how much before to migrate.

  • Yes I too worry about the cost, the best I can tell is that it will cost me $6.00 per user and e-mail thats $72 a year.   OLSB I am paying $15.00 a year for 5 users and plenty of email acounts.  Not looking good and I have turned a lot of folks over to OLSB and they like it!  They are not going to like it when i tell them within a year you will have to change over to O365 and pay more:(

  • Here are the basics for Enterprise:

    Thank you,


  • I doubt that you're interested in Enterprise pricing and as you can see SB pricing isn't published yet. The estimate you mentioned seems to still be current but now the beta is public, they will hear a lot more feedback from OLSB users and things may change.
  • $6/user/month

  • For EU it's 5.25€/user/month

  • Hello,

    The Office Subscription Plans are as follows:


    Small Business:



  • David,

    The P1 link doesn't appear to mention price (or available upgrades) once.

  • It does not mention the price, other than $6.00 for SMB at this time. We do expect to receive updates as each day progresses

  • I am hopeing that they may keep domains at $15.00 a year at lest.  Doubt it!  But there is always hope!

  • When can we expect to hear more about pricing details?

  • With Office Live Small Business you can create up to 100 email accounts (see ). So how many email accounts can you have per $6 user on Office 365? I am praying that it won't be $6 per email account. At the moment my current webhost offers me unlimited IMAP email boxes on each of my domains and whilst I certainly don't expect Office 365 to match that I'm really not sure that I want to pay $6 for each extra address. For example, if I bring my vanity domain into Office 365 and set up a user with an email address like I really don't want to have to pay $6 each time if I want,,,, etc, etc. Am I correct in assuming that this is the way it will work after the Beta ends? If so I will need to try to consolidate down as many of my existing email address as possible to minimize the costs or alternatively I will need to take my vanity domain back out of Office 365 (which sadly makes Office 365 a little bit redundant for my needs).

    If anyone can confirm/deny this then it would certainly save me a lot of time upfront. Many thanks!

  • newke,

    OLSB mail ran on hotmail, 365 mail is Exchange so as I understand it  you need a 365 account to get an email account. Exchange is a more robust email service but if cost is the main factor there are other ways to get free domain based email addresses..

  • Hi mch,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I think you're right and on reflection I guess it makes sense that there would be a limit of one email address per $6 a month user.

    My issue though is that if you bring a vanity domain into Office 365 and set up a user with an email address like you won't be able to use another (lower cost) service to create other email addresses with that domain like because all email traffic for the entire domain gets redirected to Microsoft because of the MX record changes which are made when you bring your vanity domain into Office 365.

    But I'm glad that this issue is coming up at this time so I can make a decision here and now whether it will be worth paying around $1200 per year to have 17 mailboxes whereas I'm currently getting more than that for $100 per year.

    If Office 365 can offer additional mailboxes for a sensible price (i.e. just for extra mailboxes and not for all the other benefits of Office 365 that wouldn't be utilized) then I'm there straight away. Even if they only offer IMAP or POP mailboxes that I can use with my redelegated vanity domain then that would certainly be better than $72 per year for each email address.

    Actually what would make even more sense is if you could assign each Office 365 with a number of email aliases. That way their main email address could be but they could also send/receive email as That wouldn't require any extra mailboxes. Does anyone know whether this functionality is there or coming?

    I've just seen this link where they are struggling with something similar: