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Activation fails error 0x80070005

  • On two different machines, both Win 7 utimate clean installs, logged in as administrator, with AV temporarily disabled, starting Office 365 Small Business Premium results in the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard starting up. It then offers to activate over the internet. When I hit next it pops up a dialogue box that says "We're sorry, something went wrong and we can't do this for you right now. Please try again later. (0x80070005)". I have tried logging in and out of Office, tried rebooting, tried running the repair process from remove/change programs, with no effect. The telephone activation option is grayed out, so I can't use it.

    Frankly, my experience today with Office 365 has been nothing short of infuriating. The uninstaller doesn't work properly, you have tedious manual instructions for doing the uninstall by hand, which for some reason fail to mention there is a fixit uninstaller from Microsoft, which in turn reveals that for some reason you shipped the uninstaller that Does Not Work despite having one that does. There is no log out button from the template page but there is once you actually are editing a document, and I have been presented, insanely, when I choose "switch account" with a dialogue box (after I've put in the other credentials) telling me that I can't log in because I'm already logged in as a different user. No kidding! That's why I chose "Switch account". This product is half baked. I could write a book on how many user interface inconsistencies and annoyances there are but I'm sick of it. I want a one shot support solution for activating this and then next year I'll switch to google docs, or maybe just tell everyone to use wordpad, or hell, might as well tell them to use edlin at the command line. At least then they won't have to activate it AFTER THEY'VE ALREADY LOGGED INTO THEIR CLOUD ACCOUNT.
  • Unbelievable incompetence.  Based on other people's endless complaints about Microsoft giving them the wrong download between Pro and Small Business Premium, I figured it out. If you choose the 64 bit installer but have a small business premium activation, it gives you the Pro installer download instead of the correct SBP one. If you switch to 32 bit, you get the correct installer.

    This has been a problem for months and no one at Microsoft has fixed it. Epic Fail.

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  • If you haven't gotten the issue resolved, it took right clicking on Word and opening as Administrator to activate for me.

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  • lol, you gotta laugh, well done Microsoft...

    Thanks Nate for posting the fix. I've installed Office 365 Pro Plus CtR for a few customers but yesterday was the first time I came across this problem. Thankfully I wasn't the first so a quick Google search found the answer.

  • For me it was Microsoft Project 2013 with this same problem.  However there was no option to "Run as administrator" although all the other office products offer that option.  For me the resolution was almost the same, go to right click > Properties > Compatibility > Check Run as administrator > Click OK

    Then run Project and Internet Activation works.  You can then turn off the "Run as administrator" if you wish afterwards

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  • Okay, it happened to me too, investing three days of on & off troubleshooting.  I was at the point where I was ready to second guess my birthday.  Just 'Run as Administrator...'  Wow.  Thanks for sharing the correct fix.  I feel the sanity coming back to me now.

    MS, please try to improve the quality of your support.  Office 365 is an excellent suite of software, which I consider the best-of-breed.  But you shoot yourself in the foot with this ancillary stuff.  Business pros don't want to deal with substandard annoyances like this.  No grand slam for you, which is a disservice to the people at MS who inject quality into the core product.

  • Worked for me after 4 hours onto Microsoft support - They have no clue.

    Something as simple as running as administrator !!   I will transfer to Apple !!  Their support is fantastic.