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how to uninstall microsoft 365 desktop setup

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I tried installing the trial Microsoft 365 on one of my laptops -- but it failed to install all the way.  Now, every time I log into windows -- a pop-up window appears "Microsoft 365 Desktop Setup" prompting me to install.  I no longer need 365 on that laptop -- and I want to stop receiving the pop-up window message every time I log in.  There is nothing to uninstall in my programs list -- nothing that I recognize as microsoft 365, online, or lynch.  There is not an account in my account manager that I can delete or end.

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  • Hello,

    See if you can locate and delete the file at the location below:


  • Thank you for your reply, but I can't find this file path.  I even entered "Office365DesktopSetup.exe" in the search windows search bar -- but nothing is coming up.  Anytime I restart Windows and open my browser -- I still get this Office365DesktopSetup window.  Any other ideas?

  • I tried this on one of my PCs that had this same issue after unchecking the item in MSCONFIG on the startup tab and rebooting the PC.  VOILA! no more desktop setup agent.  I used the path to find the .EXE and since everything in the folder had the same date,  I deleted whole folder and rebooted once more to make sure I got no errors -- issue resolved and thanks for the help!