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Exchange Online cannot connect Pop with Connected Accounts

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Exchange Online, Pop, Connected Accounts.


My exchange online account on Microsoft server - cannot add my Pop

account via Connected accounts. I have tried everything(shortening password, imap, pop,

encrypted, unencrypted, waiting an hour, recreating pop account, connecting to another pop


Finally I logged onto my clients exchange online account on Microsoft server - and added my pop account instantly without a problem.

My question is how can I move my account to the server that works or recreate it from

scratch so that I can connect my pop account?


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  • Hi WoodyEd,
    I would like to confirm some information:
    1. What POP account do you want to add as the connected account?
    2. Do you get any error message when adding the connected account unsuccessfully? Could you provide it for me?
    Based on the situation, please refer to the steps below to check if you have enabled POP/IMAP access for your account:
    1. Install and Configure Windows PowerShell
    2. Connect Windows PowerShell to the Service
    3. Run the command below:
    Get-CASMailbox -Identity <alias>
    For example:
    Get-CASMailbox -Identity Ida
    (Ida is the alias of my mailbox)
    4. Check the result
    If the POP/IMAP access isn’t enabled for your account, run the command below to enable them.
    Set-CASMailbox -Identity <alias> -PopEnabled:$true -ImapEnabled:$true
    After you enable POP/IMAP access to your email account, add this account as connected account again in OWA to see if the issue will persist.
    Ida Qiu
  • Hi WoodyEd,

    Just checking in to see whether the information was helpful.Please let us know whether you would like additional help.

    Ida Qiu