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How to Blog using O365 Public Website

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Hi All,

Dear MS O365 Community,

Could some one suggest and guide me through on how to use O365 public website as a blogging site too. I would like to keep my blogs on the my website only. How should I go for it, looking for advises please.



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  • Hi knowlexs,
    If you would like to create a blog under the public facing website, you can follow the steps below:
    1. Sign into your website
    2. Click Site Actions > View All Site Content, click Create
    3. Type in Blog in the Search Installed Items box, click to search for the type Blog
    4. Input the title and the URL name, and then click Create
    Then you’ll get the blog you create.
    Here’s another thread for your reference. Customers discussed a similar issue in it:
    Ella Huang
  • Hi knowlexs,
    I’d like to follow up on the issue you posted previously. How is everything going? 
    If there are still some problems, please feel free to post them here. It’s our honor to be of assistance.
    Ella Huang
  • If you're still looking for this, contact me from my signature below and I'll tell you how. Here's an example: 

  • Dear Ella,

    Thanks, This has worked well. But, unfortunately when i try to post a comment the URL prompts me to login to the account. I would like a option where anonymous user can read (which is possible) and also comment without login.

    Ella, can you help me resolve this, hey guys can anyone provide assistance on this.

  • Dear Ella,

    Please help me with an option to allow external users to post/ mark comments without login.

  • Hi knowlexs,
    I found a similar thread. Our community member mchv2.0 shared a workaround for this issue:
    Ella Huang
  • There's an explanation on how to beat the restriction on anonymous access here:

    Select "Create a public blog site in Office 365" from the drop down on this page

    Keep in mind your blog won't be migrated when you get converted to 2013 so I wouldn't put too much effort into it. Blogs are included in the new version but again, the commenting piece has been left out so it's still not a full featured blog.

    2013 blog example  

  • Here's a pretty thorough article on using the blog on your new O365 public website.

    (I couldn't tell from this thread if you're using your new or original public website in O365.)



  • Dear mchv,

    There is something wrong with your link, it does not work, "Select "Create a public blog site in Office 365" from the drop down on this page". Please try going through the link again, the page opens, but if you want to go down the page, it does not allow.

    Hi Tom,

    This is nice, but still if someone wants to comment anonymously, it is still restricted.


  • knowlexs,

    Webkit browsers (Chrome/Safari) have an issue running a script on the page that I haven't had time to fix. Can you try it in Firefox or even IE?