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friendly URL possible?

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Is there a friendly URL to get straight to OWA/Exchange Online mailbox rather than having users go to and then go to Outlook?

currently this seems to be something like Is there a way to get to something maybe like

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  • Hi Romit,

    During the beta it is just the mailbox server name, but should be accessible in the future from something like ""


  • Not without ADFS2.0 deployed from the looks of things. According to the service description, if you are using ADFS2.0 you can customise and host the OWA login page, which in turn means you will control the URL for access, as all authentication and access will be routed via your ADFS2.0 proxy servers

  • Hi Romit, 
    To enable such function as you said, you should set up a Cross-Premises Environment. Details information is illustrated as below.

    Please make sure that you have already set up an on-premise exchange and an exchange online account.

    Introduction of Cross-Premises in this case
    The following is an overview of what happens when a user logs on to OWA using the on-premises URL to access an Office 365 mailbox.

    1.  User accesses the URL Https:// and authenticates to the on-premises Exchange 2010 SP1 CAS server.
    2. The CAS queries Active Directory to see if the user has a TargetAddress value specified. If there is no TargetAddress specified, Exchange will treat the logon attempt as a local attempt to access OWA and authenticate the user.
    3. If the TargetAddress attribute is specified Exchange will attempt to match the domain portion of the TargetAddress to a domain name that is specified in an Organization Relationship.
    4. When the Organization Relationship match is found, Exchange will see if the TargetOWAURL value is specified for the Organization Relationship.

    How to set the TargetAddress setting
    This TargetOWAUrl setting cannot be modified from the Exchange Management Console and needs to be set or modified from the Exchange Management Shell. Here is the sample:

    Set-OrganizationRelationship -Identity "Cloud" -TargetOWAURL Https://

    Notes: assuming that is the federated domain name for the on-premises environment and this relationship is called cloud.

  • Allan,

    I don't have On-Premise Exchange to work with.

  • All right. Without an On-Premise Exchange, you could only login your outlook owa directly through Https://[youraccount]
    Notes: Replace [youraccount] means the account you get free when register an account for Office 365.

    Besides, you may use a third-party domain provider to apply a friendly URL, which is redirected to this OWA address.
  • Thanks Allan. I used to do the latter suggestion via GoDaddy where would resolve to the Google Apps "long email URL". I suppose I could do the same in this case as well. I just did not know what the "long URL" would be. Thanks again!

  • Go to

    - Mike

  • This only sort-of works.  When the user goes to they get redirected to

    I setup a CNAME in the O365 DNS Manager to point to  Great, now users go to the right place. But the URL in the address bar is "wrong" (it's

    I also want friendly URLs for sharepoint.  I want to take users to  If I use the CNAME redirect method this only partially works.  It breaks because if users create & pass around URL links to documents, those links have ugly based roots in them.  

    Is there some way to configure this so it works as users would expect?

  • Hi ckindel,

    You can configure SharePoint to render on your domain easily enough.

    1. Sign in to Office 365 as an admin

    2. Go to Admin >> Domains

    3. Towards the top of the page you'll see a text string that says "Your SharePoint website is hosted on". Click the 'Change address' link located to the right of that string.

    4. Select your domain in the pop-up window that appears and click OK.

    Note that it may take a few minutes or so before the change has completed.

    You'll know it's done when that text string shows that SharePoint is hosted on

    - Mike

  • Thanks Mike!  

  • Create a CNAME for webmail (for example) and point this to Then when the user visits they will see the correct loging page (, which then redirects to the Microsoft Login servers or the onpremises ADFS server if that is enabled). See for full details. The address in the bar after logging in will be the OWA endpoint and not the URL entered to login with.

  • it's good

  • Hi Mike,

    Sorry to dig up old posts, but won't this simply replace the customers www as well - thus if they had their own website hosted somewhere else, sharepoint would be taking over ? Clearly this would not work for a customer that has their own website hosted on another server.

    I'm facing this same problem today for a bunch of our customers. Since the beta, the sharepoint site intranet site has changed to /Teamsite and is not able to be resolved by using the MOS DNS system (cannot have CNAME with /Teamsite.aspx in the name) Thus trying to have a customer friendly URL for THEIR sharepoint site is difficult.  I'd like to point to all using Microsoft provided DNS as recommended.



  • While that will work, you can configure a custom sign in URL for Outlook Web App.