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Windows Live ID and Microsoft Online Services ID (Office 365 hosted domain)

  • It appears that you cannot use a user account created with a domain managed by Office 365 as a Windows Live ID. For example, MSDN, a Microsoft service, requires that you have a Windows Live ID account. As such, you are not able to use your Office 365 user account to sign up and will need to resort to creating yet another Hotmail or Live account for this specific purpose. Can someone from Mcirosoft confirm this? Thanks.

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  • Hi Ed,

    I can confirm this is how it currently works.  I reproduced the scenario you describe with the same result.


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  • David,

    Is this behavior going to be changed in the future where I can use my Office 365 account email address as a Live ID?  If I look at one of my users under More > Change Mailbox Settings, the email address listed there is labeled "Windows Live ID".  However, I cannot login and use it on for example.

    Please advise.


  • Adding information for the sake of information... In a vanity domain scenario (i.e., if you already have an existing LiveID you can create an Office365 ID of the same name. I have a LiveID that already existed before I moved my domain to Office365 and use the same login for both. They are two distinct accounts, however, as the passwords are different.

  • Erich,

    have you been able to set up Outlook 2010 for desktop email access to the Office 365 environment? Reason for asking is because I'm using a similar account set up as you describe above (one account for Office 365 and one account for Windows Live, identical usernames but different passwords) but I'm not able to set up Outlook 2010 access to the Office 365 environment.

    I'm starting to think my Outlook set up issue is related to my user account set up but I have not been able to confirm this.



  • One of the biggest problems we are trying to solve is that as we are developing a multi-tenant Azure application that enables organizations leverage identity federation with on-premise servers, there is also the need to cater to those buinesses that are "all in" or in other words completely in the cloud with solutions such as Office365 and without having any on-premise servers, where there is no possibility to federate with any on-premise Active Directory but still need single sign-on between Office365 and the Azure app(s). I know there is something referred to as "Microsoft Online ID" or "Office 365 ID" (not Windows Live ID; it does not help bridge the gap between Office365 and Azure) but there is no information available as to how or if it is possible to leverage that on Azure so that once signed in to Office365 and one opens up the URL for the Azure app, it should not prompt you to sign into that Azure app separately but simply take you to your post-login landing page, leveraging the Office365 credential's session state to enforce the user and group memberships/permissions for access control and permission in Azure. School looking to take advantage of Office365 are also trying to meld it with Azure they are either planning or looking into and without being able to leverage MSOLID or Office365ID and Azure, it may be difficult to implement this most especially when students, who usually are not AD federation need access to the Azure apps with the same Office365 credentials.

    If there is developer documentation on how to use MSOLID or Office365ID in Azure, I will love to have it, perhaps ost the link on this thread.

  • Is there any upate about authentication in Azure with MSOLID or Office365 ID ? We also need any document or guide about Azure and Office365 integration.

  • Sadly, there is not plans to integrate the two identity providers for the next 12 months...but it is on the roadmap.

    In addition, even Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) product will not provision/sync the on-premise or cloud...needed for large enterprises looking for CRM Online integrations.

    The good news is you can administratively manage a whole domain of Live ID accounts at



  • Any news on this? I just registered an Office 365 account and i do not want two fragmented accounts, one for Office and one as Live ID.

    It should have been the same from the start!

  • I would add another vote for integrating services. I had an OLSB account that I setup with Skydrive access, etc. Then I had to move OLSB to Office365, so, now I have an account for Office365, and another for Skydrive (and XBOX, ZUNE, etc), that use the same email address, but are not integrated. Seems dumb.

  • Hello David,

    I Had a Office live small business account which had a private domain.  I used this account for my Microsoft Live ID, including the family safty service.  I have migrated from OLSB to Office 365, and can no longer log into widows live id to access my family safty and other windows live apps.  How to I get into my account?

    Thank you.


  • Hi David,

    There is not relationship between Live ID and Office 365 accounts, so you should be able to logon using your old password.   Can you try resetting your Live ID password at and let us know if that helps you gain access?


  • I have gained Access, but it asks me to set up new accounts for all as my old addresses were OLSB which was part of "windows live" through hot mail.  I was hoping that I would not have to set up new accouunt for everyone.

  • David, any update on this issue?

    My current solution works, but it's awkward ...

    I created a Windows Live ID purely for use with integrating some of my Microsoft accounts (Technet, SkyDrive, XBox and other Windows ID stuff) with a fake email address, with my REAL email address used for communications. AFAIK there is no way for me to integrate this identity with my MSOLID/Office365 with my Office365 subscription with vanity domain. But, the two accounts are identified by distinct email addresses, so I can work as logged into both.

    Will it ever be possible to integrate these identities, so e.g. my billing and status for Office365, and Technet + XBox Live, appear in the same place?


  • Hi.  I hate to "pile on", but I would like to see an Office 365 employee get on this thread and provide some solid information about the roadmap for resolving this issue.  Clearly both Live ID and Office 365 are a key part of Microsoft's long-term strategy, and having the two products be at odds with one another is a problem for me, as I'm sure it is for many customers.

    Also, I seem to have gotten myself in a jam by creating a Live ID with my account before I migrated to Office 365, and now all sorts of sign-ins don't work the way you would expect.  It looks like recently Azure has implemented some sort of sign-on system that links to Office 365, but that's only made it impossible for me to sign in to Azure with my Live ID in IE... I have to switch to Chrome to administer Azure (love the irony...).

    So like I said, I would really love to see an "official" response here.