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NS record changing error without postmaster vewrification

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Hello All!


I use the office 365. I registered my domain, it is work correct, but when i finish this, i want to change the NS record with my internet provider, they say to me, how, they can't change it, because the postmaster account doesn't exist. And they can to change, when this postmaster be on the remote system(office365).

i add the postmaster mail address one user second email address, but this is not enough. I don't know, what i do in Offoce 365, how i can to edited the ns rekord.


please somebody help me.



thank you!





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  • Hello Attila hujber,

    Assuming you have O365 Small Business, then you need to change your nameserver records at your registrar. This would then allow Microsoft to manage your DNS records. If you have O365 Enterprise, then you change your MX record at your registrar.

    In either case I don't know what you registrar is saying about not being able to change your ns record due to there not being a postmaster account. I would tell them to change it and if they won't or can't then I would advise you to transfer your domain to another registrar that can.

    Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

    Thank you,

    Todd Douglass - MSFT Support Engineer