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Verification DNS record not found

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I have checked and double checked, the settings and it still won't verify my DNS settings when i ask to verify.


I am using 123 reg, and everything looks as it needs to be, any ideas anyone?


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  • Scotty,

    How long has it been since you added the records?  It sometimes takes up to 72 hours for our servers to recognize the new records and allow verification.

  • Hi Alexander, we tried this the first time for 4 days without sucess, we have reviewed and tried eveything suggested by MS so far without any luck. Please can you suggest anything else as we have exhausted all options so far and its critical for our business to get onto O365 asap. Thanks Scott

  • What results do you get when you do a lookup on the domain using (Select DNS records/Advanced, then input your domain name and select TXT)

  • Hi Alexander,

    This is what it returns.


    rcode: Success

    id: 0 opcode: Standard query

    is a response: True authoritative: False

    recursion desired: True recursion avail: True

    truncated: False

    questions: 1 answers: 0

    authority recs: 1 additional recs: 0


    name class type ANY TXT

    Answer records


    Authority records

    name class type data time to live IN SOA



    serial: 2011071301

    refresh: 86400

    retry: 3600

    expire: 1209600

    minimum ttl: 86400


  • Scotty,  based on your response, ANY TXT

    Answer records


    it does not appear that you have added the TXT record correctly.  I just did my own lookup on your domain and cannot see either the verification TXT or MX records. Without one of these, your domain will not be able to verify.  You can find the records needed and instructions on how to add them by clicking on the 'Pending Verification' link under the domains list.  These are general instructions and may need to be modified slightly depending on your registrar.

  • Hi

    I had similar issues and am using 123reg, I found an article on their support forum that explains how to get the domain verified for office365 and it works for me.


  • Same

    Verification DNS record not found

    We couldn't verify Make sure that the verification DNS record that you created at your domain registrar is correct, and that you've waited at least 72 hours after you added the record.

  • Verification by O365 works only if the name servers of the domain being verified are those of the registrar/host; if you are currently using the name survers of O365 ( and, your domain will not be verified.

    Make sure you have redelegated DNS management to the registrar/host.

    Once your site has been verified by O365, you can delegate domain management to O365.

  • When i using name servers and for officelive is working (,


    but name servers and can't work in office365 (

  • I'm sorry, Loo Tham Khen, but I'm not certain what you mean that it "can't work."  Are you able to verify the domain in Office 365?  You will need to verify the domain before you change the nameservers.