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Delegated Administrator function

  • Theres no way i can sell 500 seats in a year, so Cloud Accellerate is out of the question. I'll be barely able to meet Cloud Essentials requirements. So, therefore, i am not allowed to use delegated administration.

    That's just wrong. If MS wants me to support my clients properly, please give me delegated administration regardless of the number of seats i was able to sell. Just makes no sense at all.

  • Any news here from Microsoft ?

    We are planning to build it services for small firms including Office 365. Not being able to use delegated administration makes it irellevant as we are not planning to meet the no. of seats required for the Accellerate program.

    On top of this the method of establishing administrative accounts manually with each customer is hazardous to the customers integrety and the Microsoft Office 365 product.

    Please shape up Microsoft and lets see this option to essentials as well.

  • How about customers that set up their 365 based on a offer sent from me? Would I be able to manage those in my own 365 account.

    I see that I do have a link to send out offers to my customers, but if I can't manage their accounts after their registration, it seems a little wasted.

  • I have just run into the same problem with a customer I am dealing with.  I am a new Microsoft partner looking to deliver Office 365 and support services associated with managing those services.

    It don't quite understand why the delegated access is only available to Cloud Accellerate partners, and not to the Cloud Essentials partners.  Is this going to change any time soon?

    As I was reading the previous posts, I really sensed the frustration, as I was only looking for delegated administration for a couple of hours before I found this post, and I have already been frustrated that this is not available.  I do not see how I, as a small business partner, I am supposed to manage clients accounts without this delegated access?  

    Yes, I get the unlicensed admin account route, but that isn't workable long term and as it was pointed out earlier, that does not work for SharePoint administration.

    Please can you inform us, when delegated access will be available for Cloud Essentials partners?

  • Hi All

    Any updates on this post, I'm just getting into selling O365 at the moment, 3 or 4 small business clients interested but I'm not going to be hitting that magic 150 seats from 3 clients mark, or 500 in total any time soon...

    Are MS reviewing this, or is it simply set in stone now a kind of tough luck for us smaller partners?



  • I am in Serious trouble because of this feature ..... I support SharePoint and that can not be resolved with a non subscription based account .... in essential pack.....

  • Good news! Delegated Administration is now available for Cloud Essentials partners too. Request the benefit here:

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  • Just as a side note and as info to all who have similar issues: SharePoint Online can actually be managed by a non-licensed admin account, but there is a small catch. This account has to be assigned a license at least once (and login to SharePoint at least once), so that the background process links this account with built in SharePoint account »Company Administrator« that is used to impersonate farm admin permissions.

    I had to find that out the hard way (fortunately it was resolved swiftly with the kind help from MS Support), since I used my regular account to create and activate Office 365 subscription and later created a new admin account that is assigned global admin permissions. I also had no free licenses left to activate this admin account so the workaround was to "borrow" a license from one of the regular users just so that I could login once to SharePoint with the admin account. Nonetheless I recommend caution with this approach, since there will be a warning message stating that all user data will be lost on un-licensing an active account (data is safe since this transition of licenses in only momentary, but it is better to contact support if you try this).

    Regardless the current issue with delegated administration I strongly recommend allways using non-license enabled admin account for all tenants you administer/advise (from experience I consider granting any regular user account (even the one I use personally) administrative privileges a recipe for disaster, even more so in the cloud than on-premise). Just be careful and always create a new tenant trial subscription with the admin account (it is automatically assigned a license), then login to all admin consoles (Exchange, SharePoint, Lync) at least once and then reassign license from this admin account to regular user. And do not forget to set recovery mobile phone and email address to tenant admin account for password recovery.

    Hope that helps, Regards