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Outlook 2010 Reminders not showing up

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Hi Everyone,


I have run into an interesting problem with outlook 2010 as follow. I installed Office 2010 professional on a new machine running windows 7and when my outlook was synchronized, I noticed two problems:


1. Despite the fact that outlook reminders show up on online version, they don't appear any where in the outlook itself.

2. When I send an email and set a follow up, the email message doesn't have a flag despite the fact that it says it has been scheduled for a follow up. I have to manually click on the flag and set the follow up again.


Now, I have had extensive talks with Office 365 team and have tried the following solutions:

. I used the outlook reset options related to reminders and folders (there are a whole lot of commands)

. I even got help adding a value to social connector in registry

. I re-installed office 2010


The latter option worked! but the issue is that the problem resurfaced again when a new version of office updated itself. I work with reminder and follow up tasks and this is very frustrating. I have full access to my reminders online and this seems to be local issue that happens right after update the Office 2010.


I would appreciate your thoughts.


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  • Ali,

    Have you configured your system for SSO? Have you setup your Autodiscovery? Have you set up the DirSync?
    Is your cloud environment working and your local is not?
    This sounds like something is not synchronizing between your cloud environment and the local environment.
    I recommend you go back over the planning sheet you used and double check all the steps you did.

    G. Ray Glenn Sr  MSFT Moderator
    Microsoft Office 365 Technical Support Engineer



    Thank you for your note. Here are my thoughts:

    • After going back and forth with Office 365 Tech support they have escalated above issue to higher level support.
    • There is a clear sign that above issue manifest itself after installing office 2010 SP1.
    • There is no problem whatsoever when one un-installs office and re-installs it without applying SP1.
    • All of the process has been documented via screen shots and reminders and follow ups work perfectly before SP1 has been applied.
    • The most important item in your note above is that the Cloud enviornment works perfectly with no issues.
    • The local system works prior to applying SP1.
    • I have been told that higher level support is looking into this.

    I welcome your thoughts.


  • Removing SP1 also works for me as a faster temporary "fix" instead of uninstalling and reinstalling Office 2010.

  • Agreed. If I found another solution, i will update the post.

  • The fix for this issue has released in the August Cumulative update for Outlook,